The dispassionate view

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The dispassionate view

Post by cblantfanclub » Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:37 pm

I think one of the main things about SD and Burnley is that they are such a good fit and it’s often overlooked – let’s hope not by Sean who I want to stay.

His methods work with hard working players and a great atmosphere as we are constantly told by the players. Once you make that step up the egos get bigger and the cliques that players are always saying don’t exist at Burnley have to be managed.

If you were on the Everton board what would be your objectives? 1) to make sure you were nowhere near relegation at the end of the season and 2) to make progress to becoming a top 6 side with European ambitions.

SD - I don’t think so on either count.

The only man near to a relegation avoidance banker in the uncertain world of football is Sam. SD may turn them around but it could be a slow process.

A potential manager to get into Europe – ideally someone who has experience of the European market, can handle flair players and understands the European way. SD totally untried and though he might learn too risky at the moment.

SD thrives on commited players, a lot of sports science and a simple system.
I wonder how he would handle the big name who says, “I don’t do that boss I cost x million to do this”. He struggled with Defour who seemingly only got his act together when he realised no one was interested in him.

No guarantee that it wouldn’t take the Dyche way and the Everton way a long time to mesh.

Sports science needs a lot of interpretation and the more a player has to offer the more it’s about a managers ability to understand the player than just figures. I’m not sure SD has fully got that and though players praise his honesty – honesty in this case is mainly opinion and some stats. Football psychology is more than that.

So I think BFS and an experienced European manager is the Toffees way forward and hope they can see this and not take a foolish punt on SD.

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Re: The dispassionate view

Post by piston broke » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:28 pm

With this year not going well for the baggies Tony Pulis would keep them up. Like SD he starts with the defence.

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Re: The dispassionate view

Post by midlander63 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:56 pm

Good point by the poster - I remember walking to the ground for one of his first games in charge and asking him what he thought and he replied that Sean Dyche and Burnley were a ''good fit''
His son was in the Burnley youth programme at the time and he'd heard from one of the coaches that the first thing Sean Dyche did was ask the team ''why we concede so many goals'' - good question to a team that had one of the top strikers in the division but at one point I'm sure they'd scored most but also conceded most and had a goal difference of -1.
One thing that gives me hope that he'll stay is that he might have entered that phase with the club where he's actually bigger than any of the players. people talk about 'player power' and the fact that the owner can sack the manager but not the 25 players. They also talk about managers 'losing the dressing room'.
Sean Dyche's strength at Burnley might be that the board would back him over any of the players - and once the players know that it might make them much better to work with.
Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger (possible Eddie Howe at Bournemouth) are the only managers I can think of who've been in this position in recent years.

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Re: The dispassionate view

Post by midlander63 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:58 pm

By the way I've just read my post - I wasn't walking to the ground with Sean Dyche or the poster - it was with a friend.

Well it is Friday night!
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Re: The dispassionate view

Post by scouseclaret » Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:12 pm

OP looks more like wishful thinking than a dispassionate view to me. Substitute "play-offs" for "European" in the third paragraph and that pretty much describes the brief when he arrived at Burnley. He delivered that and some with us, and I'm sure he would fancy himself to do the same with Everton.

Personally I don't understand why anyone would choose Allardyce ahead of Dyche. Okay, SA is a a proven firefighter, but I really don't think keeping that Everton side up is a particularly stretching task for a competent manager, and then what next? SD has shown a willingness and no little ability to build for the long-term. SA prefers short-term contracts with big bonuses.

That said, I am still hopeful that the propensity of chairmen to go with "established" names will hold sway over their willingness to take a calculated punt on an up-coming manager who, admittedly, has little experience in dealing with "big name" players (although there are not really many of those at Everton at the moment).

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