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Midfielder Sander Berge won his second man of the match in Saturday’s defeat at Arsenal and also won the player ratings for the third successive game.

Having moved from Sheffield United just days before our season kicked off, he’s definitely one of the summer signings who has come in and made a very positive contribution in our difficult start to the season.

He polled 41% of the man of the match vote, beating central defender Jordan Beyer who was second with a 12% share. Just behind Beyer was Luca Koleosho who picked up 11% having in a performance that saw him set up our equaliser for Josh Brownhill who was fourth with 9% of the vote.

Three of those four players took the same places in the player ratings. Again Berge was the winner with a rating of 7.49 out of ten. Behind him in second place was right-back Vitinho who rated 6.74. Again Koleosho was third with 6.51 and again Brownhill was fourth; his rating was 6.49 out of ten.

That result has given Berge ten points towards the Up the Clarets Player of the Year. Koleosho has won four points, there are three points for both Beyer and Vitinho, his first points of the season, and two points for Brownhill.

Although Lyle Foster still leads the table, Berge, in second place, is now just eight points behind him while Koleosho is third a further nine points behind. Beyer has now moved alongside Charlie Taylor in fourth place, four points behind third.

The next vote will be underway after the West Ham game a week on Saturday. The Arsenal result and the current player of the year table can be seen below.


41% – Sander Berge
12% – Jordan Beyer
11% – Luca Koleosho
9% – Josh Brownhill
8% – Vitinho
7% – Charlie Taylor
6% – James Trafford
3% – Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson
1% – Zeki Amdouni
1% – Jay Rodriguez
0% – Dara O’Shea


7.49 – Sander Berge
6.74 – Vitinho
6.51 – Luca Koleosho
6.49 – Josh Brownhill
6.47 – Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson
6.23 – Jordan Beyer & Charlie Taylor
5.51 – Jay Rodriguez
5.40 – Zeki Amdouni
5.07 – Dara O’Shea
4.40 – James Trafford


49: Lyle Foster
41: Sander Berge
30: Luca Koleosho
26: Jordan Beyer & Charlie Taylor
20: James Trafford
18: Ameen Al-Dakhil
16: Josh Brownhill
14: Wilson Odobert & Dara O’Shea
10: Arijanet Muric
8: Anass Zaroury
7: Josh Cullen & Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson
6: Jacob Bruun Larsen
5: Zeki Amdouni & Aaron Ramsey
4: Nathan Redmond
3: Hannes Delcroix & Vitinho
1: Jay Rodriguez

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