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Josh Brownhill scored his first ever Turf Moor goal in the fifth minute of the second half last Saturday against Luton Town, and it was a goal that won us a point from our first home game of the season.

It wasn’t just the goal; he turned in an excellent performance for the Clarets, a performance that has won him both the man of the match and the player ratings.

He polled 43% of the man of the match vote and that was some way ahead of half time substitute Manuel Benson who gave the home fans a glimpse of what was to come with an exciting second half performance that saw him finish second with a 21% share.

Ian Maatsen, who had scored our first goal of the season eight days earlier at Huddersfield, took third place with 17% of the vote while Dara Costelloe’s performance earned him fourth place with 5%.

Although not in the same order, it was the same top three in the player ratings. Brownhill won with a rating of 7.48 out of ten and this time he was ahead of Maatsen who had a rating of 7.38. Benson took third place with 6.89 while a rating of 6.79 out of ten earned Charlie Taylor fourth place.

The result has earned Brownhill ten points towards the Up the Clarets Player of the Year. Both Benson and Maatsen have won five points with one point apiece for Costelloe and Taylor. A week ago, Josh Cullen took maximum points from the first game but both Brownhill and Maatsen have now moved ahead of him in the player of the year table, both having eleven points.

The next vote will be underway on Friday night after our game at Watford. Below is the Luton result followed by the current player of the year table.


43% – Josh Brownhill
21% – Manuel Benson
17% – Ian Maatsen
5% – Dara Costelloe
4% – Charlie Taylor
3% – Jack Cork
2% – Ashley Barnes
2% – Josh Cullen
2% – Taylor Harwood-Bellis
1% – Samuel Bastien
0% – Arijanet Muric
0% – Connor Roberts


7.48 – Josh Brownhill
7.38 – Ian Maatsen
6.89 – Manuel Benson
6.79 – Charlie Taylor
6.57 – Jack Cork
6.54 – Dara Costelloe
6.46 – Arijanet Muric
6.34 – Josh Cullen
6.25 – Taylor Harwood-Bellis
5.89 – Connor Roberts
5.63 – Ashley Barnes
5.39 – Samuel Bastien


11: Josh Brownhill & Ian Maatsen
10: Josh Cullen
5: Manuel Benson
4: Jack Cork
2: Charlie Taylor
1: Dara Costelloe

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