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He’s previously refereed our away game at Cardiff, followed by the home games against Brighton and Fulham but we shouldn’t be too surprised that he’s been allocated another Burnley game. Since refereeing us for the first time at Crewe, tomorrow will be his 25th Burnley game with 19 of those in the Premier League, three more than any other referee. All but three of his games have come since the introduction of RATE THE REF where he currently sits third with a rating of 76.91 out of 100.

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Since his last Burnley game, he’s refereed a further nine times, seven of them in the Premier League and the other two in the cups. That’s taken his total to 29 this season in which there have been 96 yellow and two red cards. Of those yellows, 41 have gone to home team players and 55 to away team players. He sent off Dale Stephens in Brighton’s 2-1 defeat at Cardiff in November with his other red card coming in the FA Cup when he dismissed Grimsby’s Andrew Fox in the third minute of their tie at Palace following the intervention of VAR.

His last game was Liverpool’s win against Spurs last Sunday. There was just one card in that game; shown to Spurs’ Lucas Moura. Although his figures aren’t high, he does on occasions use his card a lot ; there were eight in his previous game between Wolves and Manchester United in the FA Cup.

The assistant referees are Stephen Child and Harry Lennard. The fourth official is Simon Hooper whose last Burnley game was the FA Cup win against Barnsley when he caused considerable confusion with his use of VAR.

Previous Burnley Games – Martin Atkinson

SeasonOpponentsVResYRBurnley Players Carded
2004/05Crewea1-110Y: Whittingham
2004/05Sheffield Uniteda1-220Y: Cahill
2006/07Norwichh2-020Y: Caldwell
2008/09Tottenhama1-410Y: Duff
2009/10Wolvesa0-230Y: Gudjonsson
2009/10Boltona0-150Y: Elliott, McDonald
2009/10Hulla4-160Y: Mears
2010/11West Hama1-520Y: Rodriguez, Elliott
2014/15Stokea2-140Y: Ings, Heaton
2014/15Chelseaa1-131Y: Boyd, Kightly
2014/15Tottenhamh0-020Y: Trippier, Mee
2014/15Hulla1-010Y: Ings
2016/17Bournemouthh3-240Y: Arfield, Boyd
2016/17Hulla1-131Y: Westwood, Barnes R: Barnes
2016/17Middlesbrougha0-030Y: Ward, Barnes, Keane
2017/18West Bromh0-111Y: Barnes
2017/18Swanseah2-020Y: Ward
2017/18Manchester Uniteda2-2100Y: Barnes, Taylor, Guðmundsson, Bardsley, Pope, Vokes, Cork
2017/18Manchester Cityh1-150Y: Long, Cork, Mee, Barnes
2017/18Leicesterh2-130Y: Lennon, Barnes
2018/19Cardiffa2-140Y: Westwood, Lowton, Lennon
2018/19Brightonh1-020Y: Tarkowski, Bardsley
2018/19Fulhamh2-130Y: Tarkowski
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