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caresCARES, an acronym for Cancer Assessment Rapid Early Support, is a new charity that has been established to save lives by improving individuals experience of cancer assessment and diagnosis.

It has been established in Burnley by locally born John Banaszkiewicz, the Burnley Football Club director, and the funds raised will be used to provide additional facilities in the region to enable earlier and quicker diagnosis of those with cancer symptoms.

The charity has already identified that the provision of an additional Endoscopy Unit will be the highest priority and the raising of funds to purchase the equipment will be one of the first aims.

CARES is also looking to establish an early assessment centre that will enable people to ‘drop in’ and receive a preliminary assessment of potential cancer symptoms. Where necessary, they can be fast tracked for further diagnosis if required.

Importantly, the centre will be an environment that is conducive to people wanting to attend, feel comfortable and cared for. As opposed to being given the ’10 minute slot’ from their GP, individuals will have time to share their concerns and get questions answered.

Towneley Park will be the venue for a 5K Fundrun on Sunday 18th February. Ahead of the run, there will be a balloon launch to celebrate the lives of those who have been diagnosed in the past or who are living with cancer right now.

You can play your part in helping to build what could be a wonderful facility locally by registering for the fund run or reserving a balloon.

To register for the run, please visit and to reserve a balloon or for further information on CARES, please contact Andy Voss who is running the charity chaired by John B.

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