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Two days after Bernard Rothwell and Doctor David Iven had confirmed their departures from the board of directors came news that Burnley Football Club had a new investor.

Despite Rothwell claiming that he was leaving for family reasons, it was revealed that he, and Iven, had sold their shares to local businessman (I say local although his business was based in Blackburn) and Burnley supporter Barry Kilby.

My ears pricked up at this news. I didn’t know this new man at the time but knew of him. I’d known his late dad Roy very well and considered that if son had half the interest in the club that his fanatical dad had then we’d be alright with him.

Kilby had purchased over 2,200 shares from the departing pair and it was thought that chairman Frank Teasdale was prepared to offer him a place on the board provided he would agree to not joining forces with Ray Ingleby.

It was reported that this agreement could come with the proviso that Mr Kilby could either replace Teasdale or work alongside him. Teasdale had refused to engage with Ingleby and it was believed he would do anything within his power to keep him away from Turf Moor which he’d done his best to with his backing of the Shackleton bid. Ingleby, despite being the major shareholder, knew nothing of this latest move; Shackleton was still predictably missing.

In an exclusive interview with sound-a-like Justin Connolly in the Burnley Express, Kilby had other ideas to Teasdale and said he had definitely not ruled out a place for Ingleby – and I bet that went down well with Teasdale.

“I’ve got an open mind about everything,” Kilby told Connolly. “All I know about Ray Ingleby at the moment is what I’ve read in your paper or heard on the radio.” He added: “My favoured way forward for the club now is a rights issue which would allow those who want to put money into the club to do so.”

Speaking as a fan, and I think we all know now that he is very much a fan, he added: “I want people to start talking about the team again instead of rights issue and takeovers, that must get very boring for everybody. We all want the best team possible and want to get climbing up that league. It’s obvious that we need some new money coming into the club and for that to happen I keep coming back to a rights issue.”

Lifelong fan Kilby was thrilled at the thought of joining the board. He said: “I have been watching Burnley as a season ticket holder since I was a boy and when the chance came up to buy Doc Iven and Bernard’s shares I jumped at the chance. I’ll have to feel my way into it because I’m the new boy. I need to get in there and see how things are done. I have my own views about how the club should be run.”

Director Bob Blakeborough who, along with Clive Holt, was believed to be the driving force behind Kilby’s arrival, explained the share issue situation. “We are waiting for legal advice about whether to have a rights issue or an ordinary share issue where everybody can buy shares,” he said. “When it’s decided what course of action would be best for the club, we will make an announcement.”

He, unlike Teasdale, wouldn’t rule out Ingleby’s involvement, adding: “The reality is that no doors are closed and it is not true that Mr Kilby has agreed not to deal with Mr Ingleby.”

He wasn’t absolutely correct with everything though. Blakeborough. He believed that Teasdale would remain chairman for the foreseeable future but added: “I don’t think things will change overnight, but nothing lasts forever. I’m sure all these things will be looked at when the time is right.”

Teasdale had been chairman since 1985 but were we now set to move into a new era at Burnley Football Club? With the team languishing near the bottom of the third tier of English football, there is no doubt that a big change was needed. Would it come with new man Kilby?

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