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1617 burnley steven defour 01 100x500After what, at best, could be called a frustrating transfer window last summer, Burnley fans will be hoping that things are much better between now and 8th August when the current window slams shut a couple of days before the new Premier League season kicks off.

Much is said about our lack of activity outside these shores but that looks set to continue for now. In an interview with the Lancashire Telegraph, Dyche said: “We’ve been looking to build year on year, some of which people don’t see obviously. When that becomes effective, I’ve mentioned it many times, it’s still going to be that situation where you think of Burnley and the number of players that go around the world for astronomical fees and then disappear.

“This club wants the disappearing bit to be good. That’s always a risk and reward scenario unless you’ve got all of the background needed into Europe.”

Significantly, he added: “We are growing with that; we haven’t got all of the depth and the knowledge needed in the European scene. I think that opens more avenues up, but in the meantime, we’ll shop in the markets we know, and we’ll make sure we know the markets that we’re in. We think there’s a balanced chance that they’ll do well for us and then be a sellable asset in the future if that’s needed.”

That means we can expect any incoming players to come from other English clubs this summer With Dyche unlikely to add to the four players he’s brought in from clubs outside the UK since becoming manager.

Norwegian Fredrik Ulvestad was the first of the four in the spring of 2015. He made his debut late that season in the Premier League with one start at Aston Villa. His only other start for us in the league was at Fulham in the 2015/16 promotion season.

Jelle Vossen and Rouwen Hennings arrived in the summer of 2015 but neither had any impact. Vossen, signed from Genk, was gone within weeks, returning to Belgium with Club Brugge after just four appearances for us. Hennings was a Burnley player for two years but made just one league start in a home draw against Brighton.

The last player we signed from outside of England was Steven Defour three summers ago. It goes without saying that he’s been by far the most successful although he’s suffered with injuries to such an extent that he has only had half a season playing regularly, but that half season allowed Burnley fans to see the best of him and hopes that he can be restored to full fitness next season to play alongside some new domestic signings.

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