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Mike Dean, who last refereed at Burnley for our home game against Wolves last season, is in charge tomorrow against West Bromwich Albion with his two previous Burnley games this season been the away Premier League fixtures at Brighton & Hove Albion and Liverpool.

Dean has been refereeing a long time. I’ve mentioned many times in these reports that his first Burnley game was the 2-2 home draw against Bournemouth in 1997 when both Chris Waddle and Eddie Howe scored goals and that Andy Cooke was the first Burnley player he ever yellow carded.

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Tomorrow will see him referee us in the Premier League for a 26th time and that’s six times more than any other referee. The 25th was the recent 1-0 win at Liverpool. He’s refereed three Premier League games since. I think the first of them between Everton and Leicester went off without any problems but in each of the next two he red carded players having been recommended to go and look at the monitor by VAR officials Graham Scott and Lee Mason. Whatever was said between the officials when Dean was looking at the re-runs only they will know but all it did was make matters worse.

The first of those games was Manchester United v Southampton. Dean had already sent off Alexandre Jankewitz in the second minute and rightly so, but it was the late penalty decision, from which United scored their seventh in a 9-0 win, that caused the problems. I thought Dean got it wrong to award the penalty, my view is that Anthony Martial has conned him, but incredibly Scott backed up that decision and then recommended that Dean send off Jan Bednarek who had committed the non-foul.

Four days later, at Fulham, Dean saw an incident between Tomáš Souček (West Ham) and Aleksandar Mitrović ahead of a free kick. He might have had a word with Mitrović for the way he went down but sensibly saw there was nothing in it. Then in steeped Mason telling him about clenched fists and incredibly Dean sent off Souček.

Two games within four days, two red cards, both after VAR involvement and both rescinded after appeals to the FA. Dean got them both wrong. Ultimately he was responsible for those decisions but what happened next was totally unacceptable with Dean and members of his family receiving death threats.

He has refereed a cup tie since but having stood down last week, tomorrow will be his first Premier League game back. No matter how he performs tomorrow, be it good, bad or indifferent, one can only hope we are talking about the football and only football. It is so, so wrong for anyone to receive the sort of threats Dean and his family received.

Onto the game, and it’s not the first time he’s been at the Turf when we’ve been taking on a Sam Allardyce side and we all know about the one back in 2010 when Martin Olsson conned him. But Dean is a very good, experienced official, absolutely no doubt about that.

This season he’s refereed a total of 18 games which have seen 63 yellow and seven red cards including those three recent ones.  Of those yellow cards, 29 have gone to home team players and 34 to away team players.

Andy Madley is fourth official tomorrow while Michael Oliver will be on VAR duty. Madley’s most recent Burnley game was against Fulham in the FA Cup at Craven Cottage and Oliver refereed our 3-0 win last Saturday at Crystal Palace

Match Officials

Referee: Mike Dean
Assistant Referees: Ian Hussin & Mark Scholes
Fourth Official: Andy Madley
VAR: Michael Oliver
Assistant VAR: Dan Robathan

Previous Burnley Games – Mike Dean

SeasonOpponentsVResYRBurnley Players Carded
1997/98Lutonh1-130Y: Cooke
1998/99Walsalla1-340Y: Armstrong, Brass, Payton
1999/2000Chesterfieldh2-120Y: Cowan
1999/2000Wiganh0-050Y: Johnrose, Thomas
2000/01Crystal Palaceh2-210
2002/03Bradford Citya2-262Y: Cook, Papadopoulos, Taylor
2003/04Bradford Cityh4-000
2003/04Prestona3-540Y: Blake, Gnohere, West
2003/04Ipswichh4-230Y: Chaplow, McGregor
2004/05Blackburnh0-050Y: Camara, Hyde
2005/06Leedsh1-250Y: Harley, Hyde
2005/06Crystal Palaceh0-040Y: Harley, Branch
2006/07Sunderlandh2-230Y: Hyde
2006/07Leicesterh0-130Y: Caldwell
2007/08Blackpoolh2-220Y: Akinbiyi, Caldwell
2008/09West Broma2-200
2008/09Sheffield UnitedW1-042Y: Carlisle, Kalvenes
2009/10Tottenhama0-520Y: Bikey
2009/10Arsenalh1-120Y: Caldwell, Eagles
2009/10Blackburnh0-150Y: Alexander, Fox, Duff
2010/11Leicestera0-430Y: Marney, Rodriguez, Bikey
2012/13Peterboroughh5-220Y: Mills
2013/14Blackburna2-130Y: Arfield
2014/15Crystal Palacea0-050Y: Ings, Sordell, Boyd
2014/15Newcastlea3-360Y: Ings, Mee, Trippier, Boyd
2014/15West Bromh2-240
2014/15Arsenalh0-120Y: Mee, Duff
2015/16Bristol Citya2-100
2016/17Southamptona1-330Y: Defour, Marney
2016/17Leicesterh1-010Y: Lowton
2017/18Newcastleh1-030Y: Guðmundsson, Cork, Tarkowski
2017/18Manchester Unitedh0-160Y: Mee, Bardsley, Defour
2017/18Stokea1-130Y: Barnes
2018/19Huddersfielda2-152Y: Mee, Bardsley, Wood, Heaton R: Brady
2018/19Tottenhamh2-140Y: Bardsley
2018/19Cardiffh2-060Y: Tarkowski, Barnes
2018/19Arsenalh1-360Y: Heaton, Barnes, Tarkowski, Lowton, Cork
2019/20Arsenala1-230Y: Barnes
2019/20Manchester Unitedh0-270Y: Bardsley, Mee, Taylor, McNeil
2019/20Bournemouthh3-070Y: Bardsley, Lennon, Hendrick, Mee
2019/20Watfordh1-010Y: McNeil
2020/21Liverpoola1-030Y: Barnes
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