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Burnley’s game at Southampton tomorrow will be refereed by Mike Dean, a referee very familiar with us who will be taking charge of his 31st Burnley game.

The 48-year-old from the Wirral first joined the Football League list of referees in 1997 having been an assistant for two years. His first game was one between Rotherham and Barnet in August of that year and he’d refereed us by October; a 2-2 draw against Bournemouth in which the then Burnley manager Chris Waddle and future Burnley boss Eddie Howe both scored. He yellow carded three Bournemouth players that day.

By September 2000 he’d moved into the Premier League for the first time, refereeing Leicester v Southampton and today he’s utilised almost exclusively at the top level.

If you look back at his Burnley games, there are some really good performances and some, shall we say, not quite so good. I’m sure the Bradford City camp are still seething at his handling of our game there in 2002 when they had both Mark Bower and Danny Cadamarteri sent off. Neither were good decisions from Dean.

They were the only players he’s sent off in a league game featuring Burnley but there were two more in the play-off final against Sheffield United at Wembley. Blades’ boss Kevin Blackwell had publicly expressed his disappointment at Dean’s appointment and he went on to red card Jamie Ward and then Lee Hendrie, the second of them after the final whistle.

In terms of poor performances affecting us, there was the 1-0 home defeat against Blackburn in 2010 when he fell for the dive and awarded them a match winning penalty and then, two seasons ago, apart from not awarded us a clear penalty, he fell for all of West Brom’s set piece cheating.

West Brom were the opponents six years earlier when he turned in as good a performance as you are likely to see from a referee in our 2-2 drawn FA Cup tie and, apart from those games mentioned, there have been very few complaints about him.

His performances are reflected in his RATE THE REF position. He’s currently second with a rating of 81.32 out of 100 and the only referee above him is Neil Swarbrick who has only once refereed a Burnley game.

He did cause controversy earlier this season in the game between Stoke and Manchester City when he twice awarded penalties, one for each side, under the new directive at set pieces. It’s been reasonably quiet for him since other than him missing the expletives hurled at him by Jamie Vardy in the recent Manchester United v Leicester game. Had he heard him I don’t think we’d have been seeing Vardy in action today.

He’s refereed six games this season, all of them in the Premier League, in which there have been thirty yellow cards and one red card, a second yellow which was correctly shown to Sunderland’s Adnan Januzaj in their 1-0 defeat at Spurs. Of the yellow cards, 11 have been shown to home team players and 19 to away team players.

Mike Dean is one of our most experienced referees and I consider him to still be one of our best. We’ll have to ensure we behave when defenders corners and hopefully he won’t have a game like those on the Turf against Blackburn and West Brom.

The assistant referees are Simon Long (Cornwall) and Ian Hussin (Merseyside). The fourth official is Paul Tierney (Wigan) who refereed our recent home game against Hull.

Previous Burnley Games – Mike Dean

SeasonOpponentsVResYRBurnley Players Carded
1997/98Lutonh1-130Y: Cooke
1998/99Walsalla1-340Y: Armstrong, Brass, Payton
1999/2000Chesterfieldh2-120Y: Cowan
1999/2000Wiganh0-050Y: Johnrose, Thomas
2000/01Crystal Palaceh2-210
2002/03Bradford Citya2-262Y: Cook, Papadopoulos, Taylor
2003/04Bradford Cityh4-000
2003/04Prestona3-540Y: Blake, Gnohere, West
2003/04Ipswichh4-230Y: Chaplow, McGregor
2004/05Blackburnh0-050Y: Camara, Hyde
2005/06Leedsh1-250Y: Harley, Hyde
2005/06Crystal Palaceh0-040Y: Harley, Branch
2006/07Sunderlandh2-230Y: Hyde
2006/07Leicesterh0-130Y: Caldwell
2007/08Blackpoolh2-220Y: Akinbiyi, Caldwell
2008/09West Broma2-200
2008/09Sheffield UnitedW1-042Y: Carlisle, Kalvenes
2009/10Tottenhama0-520Y: Bikey
2009/10Arsenalh1-120Y: Caldwell, Eagles
2009/10Blackburnh0-150Y: Alexander, Fox, Duff
2010/11Leicestera0-430Y: Marney, Rodriguez, Bikey
2012/13Peterboroughh5-220Y: Mills
2013/14Blackburna2-130Y: Arfield
2014/15Crystal Palacea0-050Y: Ings, Sordell, Boyd
2014/15Newcastlea3-360Y: Ings, Mee, Trippier, Boyd
2014/15West Bromh2-240
2014/15Arsenalh0-120Y: Mee, Duff
2015/16Bristol Citya2-100
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