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Having refereed away games at Leicester City and Huddersfield Town, followed by the home games against Tottenham Hotspur and Cardiff City, Mike Dean will referee us for a record fifth time this season when he takes charge of our final game of the season against Arsenal.

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Twice previously, in 2009/10 and 2014/15, he’s refereed four Burnley games but it is the first time the Premier League’s most experienced official has been in charge of five of our games.

It’s only a month since he was last with us; that was the day he awarded Cardiff a penalty before correctly changing his mind after talking to his assistant. It was almost like VAR without VAR.

He’s refereed just five games since he was last at Burnley and he’s kept up his figures in terms of yellow cards with a further 27 in those games which has taken his total to 156 in 36 games this season to add to eleven red cards. Of those yellows, 72 have gone to home team players and 84 to away team players.

Dean’s last game was Manchester City’s 1-0 win against Leicester five days ago. City trio Vincent Kompany, David Silva and Gabriel Jesus were all yellow carded alongside Leicester’s Harry Maguire and Kelechi Iheanacho.

There are likely to be cards tomorrow, he might want to hog the limelight too, but he’s one of our best referees and currently leads RATE THE REF with a rating of 79.68 (prior to the Cardiff game).

The assistant referees are Dan Robathan and Nick Hopton. The fourth official is Lee Mason who hasn’t refereed a Burnley game since March last year when he was in charge of our 3-0 win at West Ham.

Previous Burnley Games – Mike Dean

SeasonOpponentsVResYRBurnley Players Carded
1997/98Lutonh1-130Y: Cooke
1998/99Walsalla1-340Y: Armstrong, Brass, Payton
1999/2000Chesterfieldh2-120Y: Cowan
1999/2000Wiganh0-050Y: Johnrose, Thomas
2000/01Crystal Palaceh2-210
2002/03Bradford Citya2-262Y: Cook, Papadopoulos, Taylor
2003/04Bradford Cityh4-000
2003/04Prestona3-540Y: Blake, Gnohere, West
2003/04Ipswichh4-230Y: Chaplow, McGregor
2004/05Blackburnh0-050Y: Camara, Hyde
2005/06Leedsh1-250Y: Harley, Hyde
2005/06Crystal Palaceh0-040Y: Harley, Branch
2006/07Sunderlandh2-230Y: Hyde
2006/07Leicesterh0-130Y: Caldwell
2007/08Blackpoolh2-220Y: Akinbiyi, Caldwell
2008/09West Broma2-200
2008/09Sheffield UnitedW1-042Y: Carlisle, Kalvenes
2009/10Tottenhama0-520Y: Bikey
2009/10Arsenalh1-120Y: Caldwell, Eagles
2009/10Blackburnh0-150Y: Alexander, Fox, Duff
2010/11Leicestera0-430Y: Marney, Rodriguez, Bikey
2012/13Peterboroughh5-220Y: Mills
2013/14Blackburna2-130Y: Arfield
2014/15Crystal Palacea0-050Y: Ings, Sordell, Boyd
2014/15Newcastlea3-360Y: Ings, Mee, Trippier, Boyd
2014/15West Bromh2-240
2014/15Arsenalh0-120Y: Mee, Duff
2015/16Bristol Citya2-100
2016/17Southamptona1-330Y: Defour, Marney
2016/17Leicesterh1-010Y: Lowton
2017/18Newcastleh1-030Y: Guðmundsson, Cork, Tarkowski
2017/18Manchester Unitedh0-160Y: Mee, Bardsley, Defour
2017/18Stokea1-130Y: Barnes
2018/19Huddersfielda2-152Y: Mee, Bardsley, Wood, Heaton R: Brady
2018/19Tottenhamh2-140Y: Bardsley
2018/19Cardiffh2-060Y: Tarkowski, Barnes
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