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We are one of just two Premier League clubs to have departed this season’s FA Cup but it we were unfortunate to lose at Spurs last Friday on a night when our two central defenders stood out.

Without the injured Jordan Beyer, we paired Dara O’Shea and Hannes Delcroix in defence and the two played so well and have taken the top two places in both the man of the match and the player ratings with Delcroix winning both.

Belgian international Delcroix won the man of the match with 37% of the vote, followed by O’Shea who polled 24%. Behind them was goalkeeper Arijanet Muric with 20% while fourth place went to Josh Cullen, captain for the first hour of the game, who won 8% of the vote.

The player ratings was a close finish but Delcroix was at the top again with a rating of 8.02 out of ten and that was only just ahead of O’Shea who scored 7.98. Cullen took third place with 7.31 and a rating of 7.10 out of ten won fourth place for Charlie Taylor.

That’s given Delcroix ten points towards the Up the Clarets Player of the Year with O’Shea winning six points. Cullen picked up three points with two for Muric and one for Taylor.

The points haven’t affected the top of the player of the year table; Taylor and O’Shea, now in sixth and seventh places are the two highest placed players to win points.

The next vote will be underway on Friday night following the home game against Luton. Below is the Spurs result followed by the current player of the year table.


37% – Hannes Delcroix
24% – Dara O’Shea
20% – Arijanet Muric
8% – Josh Cullen
4% – Charlie Taylor
2% – Wilson Odobert
1% – Zeki Amdouni
1% – Vitinho
1% Lyle Foster, Aaron Ramsey & Nathan Redmond
0% -Anass Zaroury
0% – Mike Trésor
0% – Ameen Al-Dakhil, Josh Brownhill & Jacob Bruun Larsen


8.02 – Hannes Delcroix
7.98 – Dara O‘Shea
7.31 – Josh Cullen
7.10 – Charlie Taylor
6.88 – Arijanet Muric
6.45 – Ameen Al-Dakhil
6.31 – Aaron Ramsey
5.93 – Wilson Odobert
5.83 – Josh Brownhill
5.60 – Vitinho
5.45 – Anass Zaroury
5.33 – Mike Trésor
5.29 – Lyle Foster
5.21 – Zeki Amdouni
5.10 – Nathan Redmond
4.83 – Jacob Bruun Larsen


92: Sander Berge
60: Lyle Foster
54: Luca Koleosho
50: James Trafford
37: Jordan Beyer
32: Charlie Taylor
30: Dara O’Shea
29: Josh Brownhill
26: Wilson Odobert
18: Ameen Al-Dakhil
15: Zeki Amdouni
14: Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson
13: Hannes Delcroix
12: Arijanet Muric & Vitinho
10: Josh Cullen
8: Anass Zaroury
7: Jacob Bruun Larsen
5: Hjalmar Ekdal & Aaron Ramsey
4: Nathan Redmond
1: Jay Rodriguez

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