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Burnley face a trip to Anfield tomorrow and a sixth game against Liverpool since Jürgen Klopp replaced Brendan Rodgers as their manager.

Klopp was somewhat critical of our approach at the Turf earlier in the season. He wasn’t struck on the idea of our strong tackling and said so; he was happy with the same approach by his own team a week later when they played Napoli in the Champions League.

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This week, ahead of our visit there, he said: “The good thing is we don’t have to change really because we never thought about what the other teams were doing. The plan is clear; we have to win football games.

“That’s difficult enough. City play on Saturday so we will probably know the result before we start our game. There is no reason to make a big fuss of it. We are in a position we like to be in; we liked the position before. It’s not a problem. We always said we wanted to be in a position to fight for the top spot in the league and we are still in it. That’s all we need to be positive, optimistic and excited in a very position about the challenge.

“Our only problem this weekend is Burnley actually, that’s enough. We have to be really good to beat that team because what Sean Dyche is doing there is just amazing. Since I came in, they always had probably not the best circumstances in the league but keeping that club in the league constantly, and with a difficult start this season and now being five points ahead. They had a good run. In the last couple of weeks, maybe the last two results were not that good, but we know it will be really tough and that’s what we prepare for.”

He said of us: “We should expect four at the back, four in midfield, two strikers. Barnes and Wood are really good, quick, good in the air, deflected balls going in behind. They are good on the wings, coming in behind midfield, pushing up, centre-halves, full backs, a lot of crosses. That’s what we should expect from that game.”

Having all but put Spurs out of the picture a couple of weeks ago, it is now looking very much like a two horse race between Manchester City and Liverpool for the title and Sean Dyche said: “They are both fighting it out, both in with a strong chance of winning the title, and that’s fantastic for everyone else to look at, but for us it’s about going there and taking it on.

“We’ve got a challenge as well and we have to try and make this story about us. Can we get another point, or can we get another win? Those are the challenges; to see if we can take on mighty powers like Liverpool, at their place and get a result.

“Trust me, we are not interested in having a say in the title race; we are interested in getting points on the table. It’s not for us to decide who does what, but if we can win on Sunday it will be about us getting more points on the table and nothing more. Every manager looks after himself and we still have work to do.”

We’ve played two of the top six second time round, drawing a Manchester United and beating Spurs and it would be superb to add more points on the board with a result at Anfield.

“I was a Liverpool fan as a kid and it’s a fantastic, historic place to be,” Dyche said. “They’ve only lost one league game this season and with good reason because they are such a good side and strong squad, but down the years we’ve had some big results and this year we’ve had one against a fine side in Tottenham, coming after a good result at Old Trafford. We have to take the belief we’ve shown in those games into this one, and it is kind of different in these games.

“All our players will be well aware of the quality players Liverpool have, and when you play the big guns you need everything to go your way. You need to play well and that’s the first thing we hope to control. You might get a decision, but they are all ifs, buts and maybes. The one thing we can do is go out there and be clear minded. We’ve tried to do that all season, but we’ve done that more since Christmas.”


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