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Burnley’s last away game of the season tomorrow brings together our current manager Sean Dyche and his predecessor Eddie Howe who left the Clarets to return to Bournemouth in October 2012.

Howe has since taken his side up two divisions and now succeeded in keeping Bournemouth in the Premier League in successive years. He said: “We try and improve every year. That’s our way of working, trying to develop players and the club as much as we can.

“The objective this year was the same, to improve on the 42 points we got last season and we have two more games to try and do that this season.”

The first of those games is against his former club and Howe has said he’s been impressed with us this season. “They’ve been very good,” he said. “They’ve improved on the strong Championship side they had from last season, which is not easy to do. They have the die-hard spirit that we’ve seen and we found that out in the away game this season and it will be tough for us again on Saturday.

“When you’ve been promoted and then relegated and you have to set about doing the task you’ve already achieved, that’s really impressive, getting the players ready and motivated to do it all over again.

“They’ve got back up and they have been able to show their abilities as we have seen, you have to be very impressed by that.”

He added: “I enjoyed my time there and I have a lot of time for Burnley. My wish at the start of the season was for both teams to improve. I wish everyone well there.”

Burnley will be in the Premier League next season unless you believe in a succession of big scores for Hull and against us, and even Sean Dyche is convinced it is job done in terms of securing that Premier League place.

Speaking ahead of the long trip to Bournemouth, he said: “There’s still that little question to get it mathematically done but with the big swing that’s involved I think we can talk about it as if we are there and I think these games now are to be enjoyed, professionally enjoyed.

“Everybody knows we want to finish seasons strong. We have done it in all of my time here so we want to do that again but it’s good for the fans.

“We got a big win at Crystal Palace and now we have the chance to go down there and it’s one for professional enjoyment because we still want to win.”

A win would see us go above Bournemouth going into the last game and Dyche added: “It’s tough for any team, first of all to get out of the Championship, and then to be in the Premier League and to stay in the Premier League again is a tremendous job.

“I know how hard it is. It’s hard for the first thing, to get out of the Championship. You’ve seen it again this year. There are some big clubs who haven’t made it and some big clubs fighting it out now to see who goes up in the play-offs.

“We are really pleased that we have gone into the Premier League for a second time and stayed in there. That’s a feat in itself.”

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