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It’s previous against current manager tomorrow when Burnley travel to the Dorset coast to play a Bournemouth side whose manager Eddie Howe, like ours, has been in charge for six and a half years.

Howe was disappointed in the way Bournemouth played a week ago at Leicester, where they were beaten 2-0, and he’s looking for better from his team back at home. He’s set standards for his team and admitted: “Last week, I think we fell below that and, in front of our own supporters, we can’t afford to not deliver.

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“It’s very clear we have to give our absolute best, give everything to the game and hope that will be enough to get a result. We’re very keen to perform tomorrow for a whole host of reasons, the main thing being that last week we felt we were disappointed with what we delivered, but the lads have trained very well this week, there has been a good response to the disappointment and we’re very keen to try to put last week right.”

Sean Dyche saw the Clarets end that run of four defeats a week ago when we beat Wolves at home and now takes us south. It’s difficult knowing what might be required with some teams having played more games than others and he said: “It’s good when the league balances up because then everyone knows where they really are.

“It’s getting close to that now, with just Southampton and Brighton still a game behind, but we can only concern ourselves with what we do. We have a really clear focus on that. There are no gimmes for any of the teams around us and it’s not just about Cardiff. Everyone is going to have to earn the right, but while everyone else does the permutations, we just continue to worry about us.

“We are top six in terms of points taken from the last 13 games, better than Spurs and Wolves, and the challenge is to not just sit there and say great, but to keep building and improving. There has been a definite shift in our performances and play, and we have to continue that.”

He added: “There’s nothing to stop you gaining back to back wins other than the opposition, and mentally you prepare, then go and deliver a performance. The players are not naïve. They know they have to continue with good form to get what we want.”

Speaking about Bournemouth and Howe, he added: “I have the utmost respect for Eddie, who has done an amazing job and continues to do so. The two clubs are similar in a sense, but also different. They do have financial clout from someone who backs them, and they try to use that wisely to invest for the future and stretching the parameters where they can, but equally you have to be successful and there is no doubt they have been for a club trying to build their way into the Premier League, similar to ourselves.

“I believe they are also trying to put money into the structure now, as we have, in terms of a training ground, so there is a lot of respect and credit for Eddie and what he’s done there. I text him now and again for some of the achievements they’ve had, and there’s no doubt the long-term benefit of doing that with your infrastructure is key. That’s the great driver because, speaking for us, for years to come this club will take great value in having these improved facilities. It can only impress on the players positively.”

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