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fantasy premier league 2016-17The Up the Clarets Fantasy Premier League game has proved to be a hit so far. It’s always a slow start with numbers picking up in the last couple of weeks, but we can report that the prize fund has already reached £140 with the game not starting until 13th August.

As always, we have gone with the official Premier League game. It has always been the most popular and already, almost 800,000 have signed up to the game and that could reach around 3 million ahead of the big kick off.

For those keen on including Burnley players in the squad, only seven players come in at £5 million or more. You can sign either or both of Michael Keane and David Jones for £5 million but you will pay more for George Boyd, Scott Arfield and Johann Berg Gudmundsson who are all priced at £5.5 million with a higher price of £6 million for Sam Vokes and £6.5 million to sign Andre Gray.

I’ve just taken a look through some of the values. The highest priced goalkeeper will cost you £5.5 million and for that price you can sign Petr Cech, David de Gea, Hugo Lloris, Thibaut Courtois or England flop Joe Hart.

£6.5 million is the most you can pay for a defender; the highest priced in that area are Hector Bellerin and Toby Alderweireld (pictured). As for the midfielders, there are a number just below £10 million but you will need to use £11 million of your budget to include Alexis Sanchez in your squad although it maybe forwards where you choose to splash out although even then, only Harry Kane and Sergio Aguero will cost you more than £10 million.

It’s good fun and you will need a squad of 15 players with a total budget of £100 million which means signing some of our players looks like good business, although you can only have three Clarets in your squad, the maximum allowed from any club.

You can change your squad, and your starting line up, as often as you like up to the first cut off which is at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday 13th August, after which it is down to the rules of the game.  I think, having looked at mine again, I’ll be having a complete change before the Swansea players board their coach for Turf Moor.

The game is free to enter but the charge for joining the Up the Clarets League is £10 (or £10.60 using Paypal). For each entry received, £5 will be added to the prize fund with the remaining money going into the Up the Clarets Youth Foundation.

Once we have received your payment, the code will be sent to allow you to join the league.

It’s open to everyone, and you do not need to have registered for the Up the Clarets message board although that’s where a list of all those who have entered will be displayed along with the prize breakdown once we know the final numbers.

Click HERE for details of where to set up your team and how to join the Up the Clarets league.

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