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fantasy premier league 2016-17At 11:30 a.m. in five days time, squads will have been bought, teams and captains selected and we’ll all be ready for the first round of games in Fantasy Premier League prior to the first game between Hull City and Leicester City one hour later.

The Up the Clarets Fantasy Premier League has got off to a great start and with 53 entries already it means a prize fund of £265 is guaranteed, a figure higher than we were at this stage one year ago.

The official game still has Jon Flanagan in the Liverpool squad but once transferred over you will be able to purchase Burnley’s newest recruit for just £4.5 million from your £100 million budget.

But will Johann Berg Gudmundsson be a good signing? The Fantasy Premier League scout has this morning suggested he could be a handy player to have in your squad, reporting that last season he was far more productive in terms of efforts on goal than either George Boyd or Scott Arfield, and also created opportunities for his team mates at a faster rate. I’ll certainly be having a Claret or two in my squad.

If you join the Up the Clarets League you will also be supporting our Youth Foundation and we’ve run this game, previously elsewhere, in every season since 2015/16. To join the Up the Clarets League costs just £10 (or £10.60 using Paypal) and on receipt you will receive the league code. For each entry the prize money will increase by £5 with the remainder adding to the money raised for the Youth Foundation.

All you need to do is set up your team, make your payment, join the Up the Clarets League and take on our fantasy league experts and non-experts.

It is open to all. There is no need to register for the message board, although the list of entries, and prize money once confirmed, will be shown in a POST on the board.

If you’d like to join us, just click HERE for all the details and we’ll get the league code to you as soon as we can on receipt.

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