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On a recent visit to Gawthorpe to watch the youth team I was talking to former Claret Brian Flynn who was doing a bit of scouting.

Flynny was manager of Doncaster during the second half of the 2012/13 season, steering them to promotion from League One to the Championship as they took the title on the last day of the season ahead of Bournemouth.

He stepped down from that role in the summer and for a while was director of football but left and worked for Hull for a short time, scouting for Stan Ternent. During his long managerial career at Wrexham his number two was Kevin Reeves and he reunited with Reeves soon after to scout for Everton.

Like Reeves, he left Everton and so, on that Gawthorpe visit, I asked him who he was working for now. “Barcelona,” was the reply along with the serious expression on his face, adding: “And I’ve found the new Messi.” I know Flynny well and know when he’s joking so thought I’d wait until I next say him and ask him again.

I don’t need to now. Whether it was Barcelona or not, he’s certainly not there now having returned to Swansea yesterday to join their scouting team.

Flynn is from Port Talbot, meaning Swansea was his closest club, and he’s highly regarded there from his time as manager when they escaped the drop out of the Football League on the last day of the 2002/03 season. By the time he left a year later they had ended the season in the top ten.

He said yesterday: “I am excited to be back and I am looking forward to trying to do my bit to make sure we maintain our Premier League status. If I can play a small part in keeping us safe, I will be delighted. I hope that in time I will be able to play a huge part in the club’s success.

Flynn, who, when manager, brought in players such as Leon Britton and Alan Tate on free transfers added: “I hope to make a difference now by helping the club find players who can come in and make an impact at Premier League level.

“I believe I can do that because I know what Swansea City want. I know the way things are done at Swansea, I know the method and I know which players will fit in at the club.”

I’m sure his move to Swansea will be a big loss to Barcelona.

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