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I doubt it will come as a surprise to anyone that Tom Heaton has not only won both the man of the match award and the player ratings following our game at Southampton, but he’s won both in what can only be described as landslide victories.

It was a certainty that he was going to get high ratings after his sensational fifth minute save that denied former Claret Charlie Austin but his overall performance was outstanding behind an outfield that was far from at its best, particularly in the second half, against a very good Southampton team.

Quite often the winner of the man of the match vote will poll considerably less than 50%, but Heaton won 93% of the vote which left very few votes for any of the other players. Stephen Ward and Ben Mee took second and third places, but both had around 2% while Aiden O’Neill, having come on for Steven Defour just before half time, won just over 1% of the vote to take fourth place, this despite him playing during our worst period of the game.

As for the player ratings, our captain was the only player to end with a rating higher than the average of six out of ten, but he did much more than that. Some gave him the perfect ten but he eventually totalled exactly nine out of ten.

The two central defenders came next. Michael Keane was second with 5.64 with Mee just behind with 5.61 and the second substitute Michael Kightly claimed the fourth place with a rating of 5.50 out of 10 despite playing only for the last twenty minutes of the game.

This result clearly gives Heaton the maximum ten points towards the player of the year and there are four points for Mee, three for Keane and Ward and one each for Kightly and O’Neill.

Keane remains at the top of the Up the Clarets Player of the Year table. He’s now ten points clear of Heaton and Mee who share second place while Defour and Dean Marney are a further six points behind.

The result from the Southampton game and the current player of the year table are below and the next man of the match vote and player ratings will get underway this Saturday around an hour after the end of the Everton game.


93% – Tom Heaton
2% – Stephen Ward
2% – Ben Mee
1% – Aiden O’Neill
1% – Steven Defour & Dean Marney
0% – Johann Berg Gudmundsson, Jeff Hendrick, Michael Keane, Matt Lowton & Sam Vokes
0% – George Boyd & Michael Kightly


9.00 – Tom Heaton
5.64 – Michael Keane
5.61 – Ben Mee
5.50 – Michael Kightly
5.29 – Sam Vokes
5.25 – Steven Defour & Stephen Ward
4.89 – Aiden O’Neill
4.79 – Dean Marney
4.71 – Johann Berg Gudmundsson
4.46 – George Boyd
4.36 – Jeff Hendrick
4.11 – Matt Lowton


36: Michael Keane
26: Tom Heaton & Ben Mee
20: Steven Defour & Dean Marney
11: Jeff Hendrick
8: Andre Gray, Johann Berg Gudmundsson & Sam Vokes
7: Aiden O’Neill
5: George Boyd & Stephen Ward
1: Michael Kightly

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