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Burnley won a point from a 1-1 draw against Liverpool at Anfield this afternoon and that’s the first time Jürgen Klopp has seen his team drop points at home this season.

He was still happy enough with your they played an said: “Good performance in most parts of the game. There were moments when it was like Liverpool against Nick Pope. I think it’s the biggest challenge in football to play against a team which is that well organised and create against a team that is that well organised and has such an outstanding attitude like Burnley has.

“But we created super chances but there was one guy who wanted to deny us and that was Nick Pope. That was then the problem pretty much of the game because for different reasons this result left the door open for Burnley.

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“It was always clear they had corners where Ali was really under pressure from three or four players around. Then free kicks on top of that, not too much but some. It was clear they want to have these situations. When they had them it was always a threat.

“Apart from that, how I said, we really did well, we should have scored more but we didn’t do that. I’m fine with the performance for 80 minutes, I would say. More than fine because it was probably one of the best games we played against Burnley but we didn’t score and that’s why we only got a point.”

Needless to say he wasn’t totally happy and had some words for the referee. They thought they might have had a penalty but Klopp admitted: “I didn’t speak about the Andy Robertson situation because in the game I didn’t see it, I saw it after the game,” but then he spoke about our corners, clearly remembering that we scored directly from a corner last season.

“Look, I spoke about the goalkeeper situations,” he said.” I feel like we’ve lost the game. We didn’t, I know that and maybe it’s not the best moment then to talk about these things. It would be good [if] you win 4-0 and then you could talk to the ref about that, and I would have.

“That’s a problem, but how can you let it happen that a goalie constantly when a corner comes in is that three players are allowed to block him? That’s just not how it should be. But for the ref it was obviously not a foul or not a problem and that’s why he didn’t whistle in these situations. That’s what I told him. It had no influence on the result, how I realised later.”

Sean Dyche, like those of us watching at home, once again spoke of his pride in the depleted squad who yet again gave us a fantastic result.

“It’s great to come here and deliver a performance,” he said. “When you come to these places, it’s very seldom they won’t create chances, so you are going to have to defend well and your keeper is going to have to play well, which he did.

“But I couldn’t be more pleased for the players. To put the effort into this run of games they have, and come out with this many points, is absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t be more proud of them. These are players who are giving so much for the shirt at the moment. I said when I came here that fans would have a team that give everything, and if anyone ever questions that, this last run of games is a team that is giving everything.”

He added: “Everyone knows we are stretched, but the mentality has been absolutely fantastic. In the first half we’ve had to grind because they shift the ball quickly, ask questions and Popey has had to make a few top saves. But they also smother you so quickly, and don’t allow you to get a foothold.

“We just about stayed in it, but we did say at half time that it’s hard for teams, even as good as this one, to keep that going for 95 minutes. There was a slight drop off that allowed us to build into the game and physically, I thought we were excellent again. We then found a big moment again and possibly, without being too greedy, we could have found another at the end.”

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