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Burnley’s pre-season came to an end last night with a draw against Real Sociedad and manager Sean Dyche gave his thoughts at the end of the game.

It had been a game where Real Sociedad had played very much a possession type of game and Dyche said: “You are never sure at this stage how these games are going to play out but I thought there was a real good tempo to it, some good quality football from both sides, particularly them in the passing way and particularly us in we created enough chances and Andre nicked a nice goal for us.

“It was a really good one for us tonight because there were a lot of reminders. I spoke to the players afterwards and said we need that idea of staying focused, staying concentrated, fans actually staying  patient because teams will come here and play like that.

“Not all teams, I think these take it to the extreme but you have to remember their manager is ex Barca B so he’ll be trying to mould them into a Barcelona style team which it looked like at times tonight but Premier League teams do have the ball and they do keep it.

“They don’t always threaten the goal with it by the way. If you noticed tonight there is a lot of play away from the goal. It’s a different kind of format sometimes in the Premier League so I think tonight was a good reminder for the players. You have to stay in there, you have to work without the ball to get your chance to go and create a goal and we managed to get there in the end.”

He added: “When we had the chance for Sociedad to be here, with the change of manager last season and this manager getting to grips with what he wanted, and they’ve had a pre-season where we thought they’d be formatted, we did think that they would be a side with their manager who would try and keep the ball.

“That happens in the Premier League, not all sides but a lot of sides in the Premier League, particularly at their home, play with that kind of format of keeping the ball and keeping possession so it was important to remind the players that that can happen and I was pleased with how it actually mapped out in the game.”

That’s it now, the next game will be in the Premier League. ” I think really they are ready,” Dyche said. “They want the challenge again. We all want the challenge again. We didn’t go through what we went through last season to not want to be here, to not want to be in the Premier League. I think there’s a thirst for them and a desire. I think there’s a reality as well, I think they know it’s going to be a big challenge so I think there’s a readiness to them so we look forward to it.”

We only made three substitutions last night, and he concluded by explaining: “We had to be careful with Johann who just had a tight one, nothing untoward. We’ve got to be careful, he came in late after a break from the Euros, and Vokesy we took him off at the end. Again he looked good I thought physically and his sharpness will get better and better, so a couple of common sense things with Marns as well but a lot of minutes played for the main group tonight.”

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