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The Clarets travel to Brighton today and come up against their manager Graham Potter who currently has the edge over us with one draw, in this fixture early last season, followed by their win at Turf Moor on the final day of last season.

Ahead of today’s game, he’s been heaping praise on Burnley. and our manager Sean Dyche. He said: “He has done a wonderful job from where they were to where they are now. He is too easily criticised for the wrong things, people don’t look at the things they have done really well.

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“Football isn’t that complicated, it’s about scoring one more goal than the other team and they have done that well. They mix the game up, they can defend high or deep, they can go direct, but they have got good players who can pass it as well. I just see a top team with a top manager. Like all of us they’re going through a bit of pain at the moment, but they have got the resilience and attributes to come through that.”

Looking at his own team, he left out goalkeeper Mat Ryan last week as well as Aaron Connolly, who scored the winner against us last season at the Turf. Of those two, Potter said: “Maty has responded really well. He’s a professional and he wants to play and he will be disappointed he didn’t. But I have got 28 players that have the same thoughts. On the one hand we have to think about Mat, but on the other we have to think about Robert Sanchez.

“In terms of Robert, we’ve got a player from our academy that has made their Premier League debut which is something to be proud of. It’s always the case when there’s competition for places. You make decisions with the best intentions and then you’re looking for everyone to react.

“I must say, the professionalism and togetherness of the group is really strong and everybody tries to make my job difficult by playing well. Aaron is learning to be in the Premier League and he has ups and downs as you’d expect from a young player. We like him and believe in him a lot. Sometimes it’s right for others to take the spot instead of him, but sometimes he will be involved. There’s no problems with Aaron. He wants to play and do his best for us.”

With our position at the bottom of the league, Sean Dyche has said that it is all now about getting some wins on the board. “Styles are out of the window at this stage,” he admitted. ““We need a win. We’re going to work hard for that win, like we’ve done many, many times before. That’s my main focus.

“We want to get that first win. I think psychologically that’s good for the group. Ideally you want to get it with a performance, but you’ll take it however it comes. That’s the way it goes. Get that first win, you take it, move forward and you look to build on that.

“As I’ve said, I would take an ugly one, or a lucky one. We’d all take that as a manager, but your ideal way is to earn the right to win games. If we do that, it’s a better base to continue on from. In balance to that, you’d take what comes from any situation, as long as you get your first win and then the story changes somewhat.”

Dyche continued: “There’s no lack of effort and no lack of will. What we have got to find are the real quality moments in defence and attack and make sure we do get the margins right. I still believe in the players, 100 per cent. I am proud of what they do, the way they train and the way they work. It doesn’t change that, just because we haven’t won a game or because we’ve had a tough start. It doesn’t change my pride in what they deliver. It just changes the fact we haven’t got that win and we have to work hard to get it.

“Now and again you luck is out but, as I have suggested, you want to work for the wins. It’s a better way of working and a better base to work from. I would take a lucky one, of course, but there’s nothing to build on with lucky ones. You want to build on performances. A couple of our performances have been right to get results and we haven’t quite got them. We’ve got to go and deliver those kind of performances to make sure we do get wins.”

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