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It was Leicester who took the points today, coming from behind to beat us 2-1 and home boss Brendan Rodgers, who has now recorded a fourth successive victory against Sean Dyche, was delighted with the result.

“It’s a good three points without us being anywhere near our best,” he said. “I thought that we started slowly and we weren’t aggressive enough. Too many players probably felt that we could just play with the ball and not without the ball. At this level you can’t do that against a good team like Burnley who haven’t been beaten at home since the beginning of the season. You have to earn the right and we didn’t do that.

“Thankfully we got a goal just before half time. It was a great cross and wonderful leap by Jamie (Vardy) and finish, but we had to be more aggressive in the game, it was too timid. Like I say, we didn’t want to do the other side of the game.

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“In the second half we were much better in our intent and, of course, we started to threaten them much more. We had a play for the game that if we needed to chase it, how we could go after the game because we want to win every game.

“It was a wonderful piece of play by Demarai (Gray) on the side, a nice combination and cross, and Youri (Tielemans) finished it really well. We were about to make a sub to try and make an impact in the game but we got the goal and then the plan changes because we feel that Burnley will go a bit more direct with two strikers. We end up putting Wes (Morgan) in, looking to see the game through. It’s not one of our most fluent performances, but Burnley are a difficult team to play against.”

Leicester made no reference to Burnley’s disallowed goal in their reporting of Rodgers’ thoughts but he did say: “From Sean’s point of view it will be harsh. There’s an angle where you can see he clips Jonny Evans, the officials have time to assess from every angle and they decided it wasn’t a goal. Unfortunately it’s something you accept as part of the game.

Sean Dyche had his thoughts on the ruling out of the second Burnley  goal that would have given us a 2-2 draw and a point. “Firstly, for the record I am a big fan of VAR,” he said. “I think it will streamline and improve things. When it’s used unwisely, like today, it’s a head scratcher and today we are probably a cautionary tale of its development.

“To start with, before the game the referee (Jon Moss) told my coach that if he needed to use the screen at the side of the pitch, he would do, and to be tolerant if that was the case. He didn’t use the screen and if you are not going to use it for instances like that, I’m not sure when you will ever use it.

“Going to the moment of truth, if goals start not being given for that we’re in trouble. Chris has clearly not changed his running gait and if you look at his eyes they are only for the ball.

“The reason I’m bringing this level of detail up is that someone is sitting in a studio seeing everything I’m describing. They see 15 different angles of what I’m saying, and Chris is quite obviously not deliberately trying to trip the player up, for starters. Secondly, their lad is never going to get that ball and keep it out of the net in a million years. If he did, he’d be the quickest player on earth, so therefore in a game when people are falling over constantly every week, you just look at this incident and say ‘it’s a goal’. There is the tiniest touch on someone’s foot, but it’s non-intentional and the importance of all this is that someone has seen this cold, detached from all emotion and in a room away from here.

“We are the cautionary tale today, unfortunately, and we probably need these nasty moments moving forwards. It’s frustrating all round and I thought the officials had a tough game today. I’ve had a look and Jon Moss’s position for the goal is miles away from the play, which is not helpful either.”

Having seen his side beaten for the first time since August, he added: “I thought the performance, generally, was good. Don’t forget people are talking about Leicester breaking into the top four, but we certainly gave as good as we got and made them play slow and methodically. They got out of jail a little bit in the first half and then in the second half it was a poor second goal from our point of view.

“We’ve had our chances, but the bigger picture is we have moved a long way coming to places like this and performing like that. We are in a far better place than we were at this time last season and that has to be registered.”

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