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Burnley fell to a 4-0 home defeat this afternoon against Leeds and although they netted four times it was the Leeds defending that Marcelo Bielsa was the basis of their victory.

“In the first half we insisted until we managed to score,” he said. “We defended well. In the second half we didn’t defend as well but we were efficient and we had chances at goal.

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“When there are big spaces, it is easier to attack. When the opponent is losing they take more risks. As you can also see, we conceded chances in the second half that we didn’t in the first. The goals are all beautiful. Don’t think we scored them because we trained them.”

“It’s a strange one because I am disappointed in the scoreline, obviously, but we actually started the game well,” Sean Dyche said. “We then let them get their noses in front and they got a lucky second, but we have two golden chances for Matěj and Johann, before they put two more chances away.

“You have to take those chances because then it’s not just the scoreline that changes. The emotion and mentality of the game changes and, in the end, it was a tale of clinical finishing. They had it and we didn’t, so the scoreline is a bit of a head scratcher.”

Dyche admitted that he thought Monday’s win at Fulham might have an effect. “Performance wise,  was I expecting a little less edge from us?” he questioned. “Probably, but Monday was a big emotional event.”

“Everyone tried to make a lot of noise about that game by trying to suggest that we were the ones in trouble. We put that one to bed and there is a big relief that comes from that, so I don’t want to over question the players because they have given a lot this season and we’ve come a long way from game seven.

“You are still disappointed though, especially with the scoreline.”

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