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Burnley beat Liverpool at Anfield last night and I think it is fair to say that only one of the managers was happy at the final whistle with the Ashley Barnes penalty giving us a 1-0 win.

It’s the fifth time we’ve taken on Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool at Anfield and this time it was he who was having to talk over a defeat. “It is not the luckiest period of our lives, for sure not,” he said. “But I think it would be a bit cheap to put it all on that; that we have not enough luck or in a specific moment.

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“I think our problem is the decision making in the moment and decisions are based on information I give obviously and the mood you are in, so how confident you are to do it in really small spaces and stuff like this. That’s why I said what I said. That’s the reason why we didn’t score in these moments.

“It is not cool to mention it now but we won games with lesser possession against Burnley, with lesser chances against Burnley and we won them. Tonight we didn’t win because we didn’t score in the situations.

“When I look at the game back now and when I think about it, in all the interviews I had enough time to think a little bit about it, how is it possible that you lose that game? But we lost it. That’s our, and that means my, fault.”

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It was a fantastic night for Burnley and for Sean Dyche who has now added Liverpool to his collection of teams we have beaten home and away in the Premier League under his management, a collection that is now twelve clubs in total.

“It’s a great result, without a shadow of a doubt,” said the delighted Dyche. “We’ve given a good account of ourselves here in recent seasons and we’ve put in another massive shift.

“This is a motivated group of people. It’s not just about one player; it’s about a whole team who were very diligent in their shape and organisation. They have that inner belief that it takes, even when you are defending it out. It still needs belief and a collective spirit and attitude, and we did have moments.

“A tremendous amount of effort has to go into performances at places like this because you know you are playing a top side who are going to keep the ball and are going to probe and ask questions of you defensively. But we’ve kept them down to only a few good chances.

“There are things we can still do better; we know that, but it’s not easy coming to places like this. We stayed on it and Barnesy wriggled free to get a penalty, and it’s almost an impossibility to get as few as we do, and puts it away very well.”

Dyche added: “Loads of things have to go for you; a couple of blocks and a few breaks when things don’t quite land for them,”  But that belief is something we’ve never lacked. Maybe the moments of quality in the final third, but we’ve come a long way, with 17 points from the last 10.

“We take a few knocks along a season, but we’ve become pretty resilient to meet these sort of challenges and that shows we have belief. We did all the basics very well and kept our shape very well and found the moment. We’ve had to fight for absolutely everything we’ve got and earned a nice victory.”

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