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Burnley kick off the new season against Swansea City and that brings their manager Francesco Guidolin to Turf Moor for the first time. The Italian, who took over during last season from Garry Monk, guided his team to a 12th place finish.

He’s had his plans disrupted this week with the sale of Ashley Williams to Everton. Guidolin admitted he was a very important player for him last season but said: “When a player wants a new challenge, it is correct to respect his decision. I knew there was interest from Everton but I decided to stay out. I believe when a player decides to go, it’s better to let him go.”

Williams was captain. “I think if Leon Britton plays, he is the captain,” Guidolin added. “After that we have to make a decision. I believe it’s important to have a captain, but it’s more important to have a good relationship with three or four senior players, like Ash, Leon and Angel (Rangel) last season. In Italy normally the club decides who the captain will be at the start of the season. I need to speak with the club about this.”

Turning his attentions to tomorrow, he said: “It’s important to start well in our first game, but it’s important for our opponents as well. We have to be ready because Burnley have just been promoted and they are strong and compact.

“I said to my players, remember last year two promoted clubs, Watford and Bournemouth, had good seasons. This season we have to be humble and modest. We have to understand our mistakes from last season to do well this season.

“One mistake, for example, was that last season we were first in the table for set-piece goals conceded. This is one thing we have to improve, and there are others.

“I think my team is ready. I think we have had a good pre-season. We have worked hard every day. I am proud of my players. Now we have to play good games, with focus, passion, heart and soul. I am confident. I hope to see my team play good football with good results.”

Sean Dyche is looking forward to his second season as a Premier League manager but he knows we are a bit different to most who have played in the top league. “I think we’re probably out there on our own in that we’re that anomaly club,” he said.

“We were two years ago, nobody gives you a chance, that can be helpful in a weird kind of way. We’re quite singular in that sense. There’s nobody in the Premier League in the situation we were in two years ago, let alone now. Arguably there will be no one spending as little as we spend and if they aren’t spending it this year they spent it the year before or the year before that, and we’ll have by far the lowest wage bill.

“But there’s a big belief in what we do, there’s a big belief in the players, and we’ve earned the right to be there. We’ll take all the bad news, all the doubters, take it all on and just go out and see, because the only real truth in football is out there and on the training ground. The rest is opinion and fake The bit I focus on and the players focus on is out there.”

All ready for tomorrow, he added: “It’s not just about the team, it’s about the whole town and the club moving forward yet again into the Premier League so I think everyone is excited and there will be a great buzz around the stadium.

“Swansea have got a lot of recognised Premier League players so they certainly know how it works and we’re expecting them to be a decent side as they showed at the end of last season. To be honest, every side in the Premier League are worthy of being in there and we know we have to perform and be on our game.

“Last season counts for nothing now, it’s parked and now it’s the Premier League which is a challenge we take on gladly.”

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