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Burnley won a point from a 1-1 draw against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, the fourth time we’ve avoided defeat there in eight visits but I’m not sure Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel felt we were worthy of a point.

“Burnley were very lucky to draw but that’s football,” Tuchel said after seeing Burnley equalise some eleven minutes from time to take a point. He added: “We were very luck to escape with a clean sheet from Brentford. That’s why everybody loves the game.

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“I stick with my feeling from the sideline and I have proof from all data that we did a fantastic match. I liked the attitude. I liked the intensity. I liked the concentration level. These are what you need after seven wins in a row.

“We came from an away game in the Champions League and we played a team like Burnley who always puts long balls into your box and you must keep them out of your box, and on that level we collected the first and second balls. You need to do so much invisible work as a team on such a high level to control a match like this, to create so many chances.

“So it was a fantastic effort and fantastic performance. I’m super happy. It can happen in football that sometimes, unfortunately like today, somebody else steals some points. Like I said, we have been lucky in Brentford to walk away with a clean sheet. Burnley are lucky today to get the result but it happens sometimes.”

Sean Dyche was honest in his assessment but, like every Burnley fan, he was: “Very pleased with that,” adding: “Very pleased with a few performances. I think if you look at Pope today, and I know Gareth’s got a tough job, but he’s a top keeper for me. “He’s got to be in there for me and targeting the number one shirt.

“Charlie Taylor as well. I think Gareth should be keeping an eye on him with that performance. I thought he was outstanding and he has been several times this season.”

Referring back to Pope, he said: “I’ve told him he’s back to his best, and in training the way he is, he’s a monster of a guy, but his reflexes are fantastic. The save in the first half was very similar to the one against Brentford last week down to his right, he’s right back on it without a shadow of a doubt, and it helps enormously because he’s a top, top ‘keeper.”

Dyche said of the game: “At the end of the day it’s a point, but it’s an earned point in a different way. Part of what we do and that feeling of what we do is back, and it was on show today to stay in the game.

“I think we grew a little bit over the second half. I don’t want to over egg that, but we found some better passages of football and kept the ball a bit better. We showed moments with the ball, didn’t quite find the interlink at times but got more and more control, small bits of control but control nonetheless.

“We just started getting into the final third, and then, of course, we found a great moment with a very good goal from the mixed play, a lovely knockdown and a good finish.”

He concluded: “I think it’s an earned point in a different fashion today. You know Pope was fantastic, they were excellent. They’re a top side, we know that. They’re flying at the moment, top of the league, and I thought they were terrific in the first half.

“I didn’t think we were necessarily miles off, they were just so strong in and out of possession. We know they’ve got some really talented players.”

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