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It’s Liverpool at Burnley today and a second visit for their German manager Jürgen Klopp whose team go into the game having come from behind to beat Leicester 2-1 at Anfield on Saturday.

Klopp explained how he will pick his team for the game. “After the game I go immediately to the press and do what I have to do, and then after the press conference the medical department tells me who is available for the next training and who can train the next day.

“This time, because we don’t train, we have recovery, they will tell me who is available for playing again and that’s all I need to know. Then I’ll make the line up.

“The good news is Burnley had to play (Saturday) as well. I don’t think they got the point without running, so they have the same thing to do and that’s then fair play. It’s not the best thing to do, I think, but it’s absolutely ok. We will be ready because we have to be ready. It’s not a friendly game, it’s a very important game for us, three points to get against a very strong side in an outstandingly good moment in the league.

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“They are really well organised. It’s quite difficult, as you could see in the last few games. Tottenham were 1-0 up early and changed the whole game, apparently there were spaces all over the pitch. Against other teams, like United, they were 2-0 up and then you have no space for anything and run against the way. It will be quite interesting. We will be ready.”

Speaking about Burnley, Klopp added: “I was younger than Sean is now, but I know how difficult it is to swim with the big fishes in the league, and obviously they swim quite well.

“It’s just a nice story again. Each year creates another story and this year it’s the Burnley story. Compare with what Pep is doing at City that’s an outstanding season; Burnley and Sean Dyche are doing exactly the same with completely different circumstances.

“I really respect and appreciate that, but that’s it. They can win all the games in the season apart from the games against us.”

Dyche knows it will be a tough game for us. “Liverpool have certainly got into a rich vein of form,” he said. “They are scoring goals and have the attacking feel about them at the moment, so we know we are going to have to play well and defend properly.

“We know all the challenges in the Premier League, but it’s great to be talking about games like this with 34 points in your locker and going out at Turf Moor to a full house. The fans at Burnley know they have a team who will give everything and I am so proud of that.

“We are ending this year on a points total that nobody gave us a chance of achieving, and I’m not quite sure I did either. It’s another measure of how far the club have come. We go into these games with our shoulders back and it’s another of those occasions to be enjoyed.

“However, still with a mindset to go and win. We’re not just there to have fun. We’re there to go and win and although we’re in a tough run of games at the moment, we are delivering performances and could have earned more than we have.”

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