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Liverpool are our opponents tonight and that brings Jürgen Klopp to Turf Moor for the third time as their manager since replacing Brendan Rodgers.

He’s had a busy few days starting with having to deal with the FA following his performance last Sunday when their winner went in against Everton in the Merseyside derby, and he’s had some changes to consider with a couple of injuries.

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Fined by the FA for pitch encroachment, he said: “I couldn’t avoid it. If you break the rules you have to be fined for it. The last time I did that was 14 years ago, I’m not as quick now.”

He did admit that tonight’s game isn’t going to be as easy for his team as some might suggest. Asked about the Clarets, he said: “Their squad is strong and I know they will be fine in the end of the season. I am sure. They look calm in the moment and so far they didn’t get the results they maybe would have deserved with their performances. Now we have to make sure their run starts at the earliest at the weekend and not earlier.”

We go into the game without a win in seven games, but Sean Dyche was quick to point out: “The facts are that after five games we had one point, so it wasn’t exactly a flying start. We’ve had to work our way back to the points we’ve got, to get the next eight points. That’s a continued work in progress, the mental ability and tactical ability, technical and physical, to go and get more points on the board.

“We have already shifted. Now, of course, we’ve got to shift again because the league table tells us we’ve got to shift again.”

The team has certainly come in for some criticism with a lot of negativity, but Dyche said: “Don’t think we don’t question ourselves. Six years of success have suggested the team can work in a manner that is effective. The detail within that is often the bit that’s missing, which it quite clearly has been at times this year and certainly last weekend.

“When you talk about changing things, there are more definitions. You talk about changing individuals, you talk about changing the system, changing the build-up, the training, diets, fitness routines, formats to the build-up to the game, the way players individually look after themselves before a game etc, etc. We change lots and lots of things we think are important.

“The thing is from a fan point of view, they only get the chance to see the team run out there. They don’t see all the other stuff. It’s the iceberg principle. The tip comes out the water, but there’s a massive mountain of ice beneath it. There’s lots going on behind it.

“We change a lot of things. We change a lot of things behind what you literally see, and when I feel it’s appropriate, we change the things that are literally out there, whether that be personnel or shapes or systems.”

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