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Matt Lowton, playing for the first time this season, beat CJ Egan-Riley, who was making his Burnley debut with the result of the man of the match and the player ratings for the cup win at Shrewsbury.

Lowton won the man of the match with 25% of the vote, just ahead of goalscorer Samuel Bastien who won 21%. Egan-Riley was just behind with 17% while a 10% share of the vote saw goalkeeper Bailey Peacock-Farrell take fourth place.

Egan-Riley was the player ratings winner with 7.33 out of ten; this time Lowton was second with a rating of exactly seven. Darko Churlinov, making his first Burnley start, came third with 6.83 while Bastien claimed fourth place with a rating of 6.50 out of ten.

This result gave Lowton eight points towards the Up the Clarets Player of the Year, one point more than the seven won by Egan-Riley. Bastien won four points with two points for Churlinov and one point for Peacock-Farrell.

All five players were winning their first points of the season so the top of the player of the year table hasn’t changed with Josh Brownhill still leading the way, five points ahead of Ian Maatsen.

The next vote will be underway today following the game at Wigan. The Shrewsbury result and the current player of the year table are below.


25% – Matt Lowton
21% – Samuel Bastien
17% – CJ Egan-Riley
10% – Bailey Peacock-Farrell
4% – Darko Churlinov & Josh Cullen
4% – Manuel Benson & Nathan Tella
3% – Vitinho
3% – Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson
2% – Charlie Taylor
2% – Ashley Barnes
1% – Josh Brownhill


7.33 – CJ Egan-Riley
7.00 – Matt Lowton
6.83 – Darko Churlinov
6.50 – Samuel Bastien
6.33 – Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson & Vitinho
6.00 – Manuel Benson, Josh Brownhill, Bailey Peacock-Farrell, Charlie Taylor & Nathan Tella
5.83 – Josh Cullen
4.67 – Ashley Barnes


25: Josh Brownhill
20: Ian Maatsen
15: Jack Cork
14: Taylor Harwood-Bellis
11: Josh Cullen
10: Nathan Tella
8: Matt Lowton
7: CJ Egan-Riley
6: Jay Rodriguez
5: Manuel Benson
4: Samuel Bastien
2: Darko Churlinov, Arijanet Muric & Charlie Taylor
1: Dara Costelloe & Bailey Peacock-Farrell

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