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Guess the Gate Rules 2019/20

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 10:11 am
by ClaretTony
To enter you must leave your guess for each match in the appropriate thread and it MUST be placed at least two hours before kick off.

Anyone making more than one entry for any game will have all entries for that game declared void (this includes editing of guesses).

Points are scored provided your guess is within 1,000 of the official attendance, either above or below. Your score will be 1,000 minus how far you are from the official attendance.

IE: Official attendance 20,500

Guess of 20,123 is 377 away so you score 623 points.
Guess of 21,100 is 600 away so you score 400 points.

Anyone guessing the correct attendance will get 1,000 points plus a 1,000 point bonus.