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New Zealand Clarets at their last meet up

Our friends on the other side of the word in New Zealand have planned a weekend together to coincide with the away game against Norwich although the fates have conspired against them in terms of our game at Carrow Road.

All the arrangements had been made before Sky decided to screen the game and that means they will all have departed for home by the time the game is played although they are not going to allow that to spoil the weekend.

They will get underway from early afternoon on Friday, 7th April in Queenstown where they will be catching up at the Pig and Whistle and enjoying a few drinks before departing around 4:30 p.m. and heading to the Cardrona Hotel which is situated on the spectacular Crown Grange Road between Queenstown and Wanaka. It is described as one of New Zealand’s oldest and most iconic hotels.

From there, around 8 p.m. they will head to Wanaka with a stop off at the New World so everyone can pick up beers for Saturday night.

Mount Iron

Saturday morning will involve an optional drive to Mount Iron (see above). For some, with a 4.5K distance and an incline of 250m, it might need to be optional but there are fantastic views which we might see more of on Up the Clarets from photographs of the weekend.

There will be some free time in the afternoon before a trip to the local curry house around 6 p.m. before a return to the main house where most are staying with the hope of an ex-Claret popping in on Zoom at about 9:30 p.m.

Sunday will take the group back to Queenstown to end the weekend before everyone makes their way home.

If you would like to join them on the weekend or would like some information about the New Zealand Clarets, please visit the Supporters Clubs Directory where you will find the contact details.

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