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Over recent days we staged a quick Twitter poll on the subject of a potential change in the law that would allow supporters to drink alcohol in view of the pitch during a game.

It’s been outlawed since 1985 and through the fan led review process this has been very much a topic.

The poll was no more than a simple In Favour/Against vote. It did not cover anything else such as being allowed to drink alcohol on mini buses and coaches or in the corporate areas at grounds while watching the game, all of which have been illegal since 1985 although, of course, none of those restrictions are in place if attending any sport other than football.

We didn’t know what sort of result to expect from the vote, whether it would be overwhelmingly in favour or against. It was neither; by the time the poll closed there were 53% in favour and 47% against.

Many of the comments received from those who voted against, both on Twitter and on the Up the Clarets message board, cited two main reasons.

  1. Throwing of drink when a goal is scored
  2. Supporters leaving their seats more regular

Any change in the law would be more wide reaching and should things progress, we will take guidance from our supporters and also the Football Supporters Association (FSA).

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