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It’s managers past and present tomorrow at the Turf as former boss Eddie Howe returns for a second time with Bournemouth, the club he returned to in October 2012.

He arrives with his team having been given a massive lift last week when they came from 2-0 and 3-1 down to beat Liverpool 4-3 at Dean Court, joining Burnley as the only team to beat Liverpool this season.

“I think it gives the players a big boost getting a result against a top team,” Howe said. “The players have a spring in their step and I think the result shows we have an ability to score goals, we’ve shown that in certain games but not consistently. The work has been the same rather than looking back, we want to create more moments like that.”

Looking towards the game, he added: “It’s going to be a very tough game, but back to back wins is something we desperately want, we want to hit a consistent level and put a real marker down.

“Last season, Burnley were magnificent. I think they’ve got more than enough to stay up, they’re strong at home and they look like a team that’s really playing for their manager.”

Needless to say he was asked about his time at Burnley and said: “I really enjoyed the 18 months there and they were times I learnt a lot from. We didn’t get the success we wanted, the club was in transition at that period and we didn’t get the consistency we wanted. It was all part of the learning process. I have no regrets whatsoever and I learnt the most there, it was a real challenge and I enjoyed it at the time.”

Burnley have been struggling away from home and Sean Dyche admitted: “We have played some really strong sides away from home and sometimes you have to hold your hands up and there has to be a balance, but we’re back at home this weekend and I think the reality is the players are human and familiarity can be easier to deal with and handle in terms of changing room, pitch etc.

“It’s the same with our fans. They make it a tough place for oppositions to come to and are very vocal behind their team and this has now become a hard place for teams to visit.

“They have been terrific and if there is ever a feeling they should question something, they don’t, they get behind the team and that’s a really powerful thing. Even if we get a few knocks and even if things go against us, or the opposition looks stronger, they don’t go against the team, and rightly so.

“With all that the team has done for them with some big performances, we’ve had some great times and it’s been a great balance. It doesn’t guarantee you a win, but it gives you a better chance when the whole of Burnley is behind you, that’s for sure.”

Despite the lack of points away from home, he said of our home games: “There’s no extra pressure. It’s a challenge in the Premier League home or away. There’s pressure on points and getting enough of them because at the end of the day nobody will care a jot how we get the points on the board to get the outcome we want. It’s just getting them on the board and we need to get as many as we can.

“Everyone has to adapt to the challenge and the key for Eddie, myself and any team in the Premier League is being open minded about what you can do to effect and win games. Eddie has done that very well.

“Things didn’t work out as well here and sometimes it’s the way it goes. It’s not that he did a bad job by any means, but it just didn’t work as smoothly as it has at Bournemouth. It may have, over time, but he made the decision to go back there and that’s proven to be the correct one. He obviously knew the power of the backing there and that’s been quite obvious on their journey.

“They have some really good players there and have added layers of new signings. I don’t think anyone would have envisaged Bournemouth buying £15 million players, but that’s how far they have come and it’s similar, but different, to ourselves.

“We have taken things on in a different way, so it’s one of those rare situations where it’s worked out well for all concerned. Eddie has gone and done a good job there and I am deemed to have done a good job here, so everyone wins.”

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