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hamilton stevenIt’s taken some time, probably longer than anyone envisaged when the project started, but last month, just ahead of the home game against West Ham, saw the photographs of 13 former Clarets placed on the exterior wall of the Longside to take the final number to 31 and complete the Our Turf Moor Heroes project.

Members of the message board along with supporters’ club representatives first met in the spring of 2015 with Dave Baldwin, the club’s chief executive. It was all about trying to improve the exterior of Turf Moor and the idea of player photographs had first been put forward by a poster on the message board.

It led to a vote in August 2015 to select the players; that vote kicking off just a few hours before the opening game of the season against Leeds as we got our most recent promotion campaign underway. The response was phenomenal and from that a total of 31 were named to be placed on the three stand walls in chronological order.

I don’t think, at that time, I was expecting us to have to wait until October 2017 for it to be completed but we firstly had to fund the project and also find the right company to work with.

Supporters’ Clubs and individuals came forward to offer sponsorship and we are indebted to them for their generosity. After some time, we found the company we were looking for with Creation Signs at Bacup. Aaron, the owner of the company, is a Claret and so that made things even better, even though there were times when I had to give him a few Burnley FC history lessons. We also needed to select the photographs and carry out the art work; that was all done by Burnley FC designer Adam Riding.

Eventually we were ready to go. The first photographs went on the Bob Lord Stand in January this year with the Jimmy Mac Stand photographs added in March. For a number of reasons, the final phase was delayed but I was delighted to see those last photographs put in place just over four weeks ago.

On behalf of the group, I’d like to thank Dave Baldwin for all his initial help, those who have generously funded it, Aaron Diggle and his staff at Creation Signs and Adam Riding.

parky duffPhase 4? There are some ideas, but for now, I hope you have all enjoyed seeing some of our former heroes, from Jerry Dawson right through to Kieran Trippier, placed on the stand walls at Turf Moor.

The full selection of players, as chosen by supporters in that vote during August 2015, with their sponsors.

Phase 1 (Bob Lord Stand)

Jerry Dawson – Earby Clarets
Bert Freeman – Regal Precision Engineers (Colne) Limited
Tommy Boyle – Accrington Clarets
George Halley – Accrington Clarets
Bob Kelly – Burnley Football Supporters Club
George Beel – Accrington Clarets
Harry Potts – Burnley Football Supporters Club
Jimmy McIlroy – Accrington Clarets
Jimmy Adamson – West Yorkshire Clarets
Brian Miller –
John Connelly – South West Clarets
Ray Pointer – Central Lancs Clarets

Phase 2 (Jimmy McIlroy Stand)

Willie Irvine – Earby Clarets
Ralph Coates – Trevor Hillman
Frank Casper – London Clarets
Martin Dobson – Burnley Football Supporters Club
Leighton James – Brian Speak
Peter Noble – Colne Clarets

Phase 3 (Longside Stand)

Billy Hamilton – Accrington Clarets
Trevor Steven – Accrington Clarets
Ian Britton – Burnley Football Supporters Club
David Eyres – Burnley Football Supporters Club
Gary Parkinson – Earby Clarets
Glen Little – Accrington Clarets
Andy Payton – Burnley Football Supporters Club
Robbie Blake – Accrington Clarets
Michael Duff – Burnley Football Supporters Club
Wade Elliott – North Manchester Clarets
Graham Alexander – Dave Timberlake
Jay Rodriguez – Accrington Clarets
Kieran Trippier – Earby Clarets

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