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When Sean Dyche became Burnley manager in October 2012 he signed a two and a half year deal with the club to take him to the end of the 2014/15 season.

At the time of his appointment, co-chairmen John Banaszkiewicz and Mike Garlick said: “On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are delighted to welcome our new manager Sean Dyche to Burnley Football Club.

“Sean was the outstanding candidate following an extensive and structured interviewing process to find the right manager to fit in with our vision for the club. He is a natural leader with real presence who did a marvellous job at Watford last season in his first managerial role at a club with its roots firmly in the community.”

You never know whether an appointment is going to be the right one or not but by the end of his first full season in charge he’d got us promoted to the Premier League and had only spent money on one signing, that of Ashley Barnes from Brighton.

1718 burnley sean dyche contractOnce promoted, there were always concerns from supporters regarding his contract but he did sign a new one year rolling contract and this morning, with us now establishing ourselves in the Premier League, he was still Burnley manager and still on a rolling contract that he’d always seem to favour.

Weeks ago, following all the speculation regarding vacancies at Everton, Leicester and the likes, I was told that he had committed to a new deal so I assumed, quite wrongly, that it was going to be another rolling contract, presumably with a pay rise and a higher buyout clause.

Just under two weeks ago, message board poster UptheBeehole informed us that Dyche was going to sign a new four and a half year deal with Burnley but I still believed this new deal was going to be another rolling contract.

That was until this afternoon when, out of the blue, came news of the deal which is a fixed term deal until the end of the 2021/22 season. Not only has Dyche committed to Burnley for the next four and a half years but his two main right hand men, Ian Woan and Tony Loughlan, have also signed new contracts to run alongside.

Dyche said today: “I am quite young in management terms. I am still learning and still improving, I believe, so for my personal reasons as well I think it’s the right place to be. It’s a very good environment and I enjoy it and I enjoy the connection I’ve had with this area.

“I think we are still moving forwards as a club and that’s important and also I’m aware of some of the challenges. The reality of the club gives me, my staff and the players a good workplace. It’s an honest club, it’s healthy and everyone is on the same page and I have really enjoyed that.

“I look around football and it’s hard to find and it’s hard to build. We’ve built it and found it, probably in equal measure and I enjoy that side of it. There’s lots of work to be done, but I’m definitely in for the work to be done.”

Back in October last year, on his fifth anniversary as Burnley manager, I wrote that he had already become our fourth longest serving post-war manager behind Harry Potts, Jimmy Adamson and Stan Ternent. By the end of this calendar year he will be behind Potts only who was in charge during his first spell for around twelve years.

I was stood by a photograph of Potts, a big hero of mine, when I first spoke to Sean Dyche and said if he turned out to be half as good as him then he’d have done an outstanding job.

I still have to pinch myself to believe what has been achieved in his time at Burnley. Like, surely, every other Burnley fan I am absolutely delighted at today’s news. What a day it’s been, the signing of an England international from Everton and now our manager, who we fear leaving every time a job becomes vacant, ending his rolling and signing a long term deal.

This really is a wonderful time to be a Burnley fan.

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