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Burnley are due to play league leaders Hull tomorrow and I was just looking to see what the managers had to say about it when I saw the big news that Sean Dyche has signed a new contract with the Clarets.

When he first arrived at Burnley in October 2012, the deal was until the end of the 2014/15 season. I’m not sure anyone could have thought at the time that we would have had a record breaking season with 93 points and another season in the Premier League which, disappointingly, ended in relegation.

Photo by kind permission of Burnley Football Club

By then he’d already signed a new deal on the back of the promotion, but it was shrouded in mystery with no date given, leading to speculation, that it was a rolling deal. It led to some concern that we might lose him, but that’s not been the case and I’m not sure anyone will be questioning today’s news that again gives no fixed date for the contract.

The first line of the statement from the club read: “Burnley Football Club is delighted to announce that manager Sean Dyche has today signed a new contract”.

To be honest, I think you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone with any interest in Burnley Football Club who is not delighted with this news; I certainly am and the longer he stays with our club the better things will be.

Dyche himself said after signing the new deal: “The chairman, the board of directors and myself have been discussing the future of the club now for a while, because that comes first.

“On the back of that there is my role and we agreed a short while ago to start talks on a new contract. I am pleased to say that is now agreed. It’s an improved situation for myself and hopefully the club as well.

“We have been building something here for the last three and a half years and there have been lots of good times and lots of changes. We want more good times here and I want to be a part of that.

“I made it clear in the summer when there were lots of questions, and I make it clear again now that my view is to continue to try and improve and build what we do at this football club. There are no guarantees forever because we all know the complexities of this game, but it’s safe to say that I am signing for a good reason and that is to be here and do well.”

This, I believe, is the best possible news ahead of tomorrow’s game and. more importantly, the best possible news for the future of our club.

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