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Burnley head to Charlton tomorrow and the two managers have had their say ahead of the game and for Charlton boss Jose Riga it looks as though it is going to be his last game in charge in his second spell with the club.

He is under contract for another year but has sought assurances before committing himself, assurances that he’ll have a greater influence over players brought in and that seems unlikely.

He kept them up in 2014 but has failed to repeat that and ahead of this likely last game for him, he said: “We know the quality of Burnley but we are part of the last suspense of the season and even though we already know our fate, it is a good thing.

1415 burnley sean dyche 00 630x420“Hopefully we can compete and then it is about Burnley doing the right thing to get what certainly they deserve already. But I want to see my team at the best level of course.”

Sean Dyche first looked back at what we’ve achieved and those last two games. He said: “I think Preston was a big result for us, that was a very important result and then going into the home game against QPR, we think we can win anywhere but particularly at the Turf and it ends up being an edgy game for obvious reasons with a lot on it.

“We’re really pleased with the whole thing really but the run we’ve had, the mental capacity to deal with what we’ve had to deal with over the season and to still come through and win games there is that kind of relief mixed with joy mixed with release of anxiety mixed with the nerves.

“They all disappear in one ninety minutes which is bizarre when you think how much work’s gone in to getting to that ninety minutes against QPR. I think Burnley people and ourselves thought we could go the whole way if not all of the season, certainly over the last months so I think we were ready for it and I think the Burnley fans were ready for it.”

The target now is to win the last game and clinch the title. Dyche added: “We spoke about that as a group at the beginning of  the season. We reminded the group in November, we reminded them January time and again in March and our aim was to win not just promotion but to win the league so we’ve got a great chance to do that.

“We’re in a good situation ourselves given that we’ve parked the first part, the job that is to get promoted which is the massive part, but we’ve earned the right to be where we are. We want to go out and win it now. I reminded the lads this morning, we want to go out and win it now.

“It is a different challenge now because there’s that inner glow that getting promotion brings, that feeling of success. That has to be tempered slightly because there is still a job to do.”

We might be facing a relegated side but the manager warned: Charlton have had a tough season but I saw them at Leeds and they are still a decent side. They’ve got a counter attacking threat, they’ve got some pace, they’ve got some good players. and we’ve got to make sure we’re about our business to get what we want so that’s the focus now.”

Maybe the biggest problem could come with the home fans protesting. “There’s nothing we can do about that,” Sean said. “The players are aware of it but there’s nothing we can do about it. They’ve made it clear that it is nothing to do with us that it is just to do with the fans feeling about their own club. Unfortunately it is us playing them on that day and a number of others have had a few different protests but there is nothing we can do about that. We have to just focus on the game and whatever it throws at us we’ll have to see through it, get on with the game and perform.”

He confirmed that there would be no presentation of the trophy should we win the league. “That’s one of those things,” he said.”It’s out of our hands that one. We can just focus on getting the result. That’s the key thing for us. We’ve done that all season through all the noise, as I call it, from the outside of us. We’ve just stayed focused on the next game, that one game at a time mentality has served us well again.”

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