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It wasn’t former Burnley manager Eddie Howe’s day as he saw his Bournemouth side go down 1-0 to the Clarets with the goal coming late in the day from Jay Rodriguez, one of the two players on the pitch who had played for him during his time at Burnley.

After the game, Howe said: “My biggest disappointment probably is how we played with the ball, especially in the first half. We weren’t fluid, too many negative passes, not enough risks taken with the ball. We didn’t create anywhere near enough being the home team. It was a very scrappy game.”

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Asked if he thought his team’s performance had played into our hands, he added: “I think that’s always how these games go against Burnley. That’s in part how they play and they are very good at what they do. There is no criticism there, they are very good, very strong, but it’s more when we had the ball we had to do more.

“We were much improved in the second half, had a lot of ball, we just didn’t do enough with it. We didn’t open them up enough, we didn’t ask enough questions of their defenders. Ultimately that’s cost us the game.”

He wasn’t happy with the incident involving Ashley Barnes that saw his defender Simon Francis need stitches to a head injury. “I don’t think it was a great challenge,” Howe said. “I’d need to see it again but my initial view, it was quite close to us, was it wasn’t a great one.

“Franno has gone down to head it. I don’t know what part of Ashley’s hit Simon but it’s one of those things. You have to get on with it in the game. Simon got on with it and played pretty well in the match.

“That’s sort of what they (Burnley) try to create, those types of games. A bitty game, a lot of restarts, a lot of stop/start action. We could never really get fluid. You always have to look at yourself and we could have done better.”

It was Premier League win number fifty for Sean Dyche but he admitted afterwards: “It was a weird game. The weather was awful and it was an ugly game, partly because of the weather. I thought they handled that better than us, especially in the second half, when we never really got to grips with it, but we stuck at it and that resilience is definitely something we have, as a squad.

“There is so much belief in doing all the hard yards and the details that count. When you look, that’s our second game on the bounce where the opponent hasn’t had a shot on target, and that’s so pleasing from a defensive point of view.

“We know that to build on what we are trying to achieve here, we need to be way better with the ball, but we found the golden moment. It was a great cross, but what a great header as well, and do you know what, it sounds mad, but sometimes you have those moments in your managerial career – and I just said to Jay, as he was coming on: ‘enjoy your goal’. Sometimes you just get that feeling and I’m not trying to be clever, because it was such an ugly game and it could easily go against you, but it was one of those days.”

Dyche added: “The one thing I’ve learned about the Premier League, for teams like us and Bournemouth, is sometimes you just have to find a way. You have to grind, work hard and do all the ugly stuff. When it’s your day and you are playing well, that normally takes care of itself.

“We had back to back 3-0 wins not too long ago and we deserved them. Today, like the one against Newcastle, we’ve had to do all the other stuff and the lads deserve great credit for that, because they don’t ever get ground down. They know that when they play well we are effective, but when we don’t we have to deliver tougher performances and that is a great quality. That is life at Burnley. We have a couple of wins, then we have three games in which we were well beaten, and now we come back with two good victories. That’s us in the Premier League. It’s up and down, rough and tumble and it just is what it is.”

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