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Burnley fell to a 1-0 defeat against Arsenal at home this afternoon with Arsenal’s winner coming in the third minute of stoppage time.

It was all three points for Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger as he kicked off his 21st season in charge of the Gunners and he said after the game: “Look, it was a big test for us because I think we were motivated, we had the attitude right and our legs were not as dynamic as in recent games. Our technique as well, we made some technical mistakes today.

“I must say, Burnley made it difficult for us. They defended very well, they were very well organised in a very intelligent way and I give the merit to my team. We kept going until the end, we got a bit lucky as well, a bit fortunate to win the game in the end but you can only have the chance to win if you keep going.

“It was the kind of game we could’ve won 1-0 and we could’ve lost 1-0 as well. Burnley makes everybody suffer here and I think that will last until the end of the season.”

He added: “It’s a big win because City lost today. We were five points behind them and when you are five points behind a top quality team, when you have an opportunity to get a bit closer you cannot miss it. And that would’ve been the negative aspect of our game today had we not won.

“I must say, I am long enough in the job to know that you feel disappointed if you are in Burnley’s shoes because they gave absolutely everything and you can understand that they are a bit gutted to lose a game like that because they had put all the effort in to get the result.”

Sean Dyche wasn’t happy with the goal at the end. I have to say I cannot agree with him on the timing of the goal but I certainly can in terms of the handball. Dyche said: “You have to question the time and whether the corner should be taken, and you have to question whether it’s handball because it looks it.

“There were a number of question marks and it’s a poor way to end a game. I thought it was over the allotted time. Only by six seconds or so, but that’s enough to blow the final whistle. The second point is we didn’t defend it as well as we should do, and the third point is it comes off their player. Is he offside? If he’s not, then Koscielny handballs it in. If I was a referee, I would certainly be thinking that’s not a great moment.”

He continued: “We had some really good chances. We’ve hit the bar and made their keeper work and then, on the other side of things, when you have to defend, I felt we did that very well. The organisation and belief is a big thing in this team and that was absolutely on show today.

“The defeat doesn’t take the gloss off completely though because it’s a long season and we are improving. Of course, we are human and a full stadium will go away frustrated at that last six seconds and frustrated that we didn’t get a big decision go our way.

“But there was a nice feel about the performance. A lot is made of our physicality and energy, but there were moments of quality today and we are going to need that as the season goes on. We are moving forward I feel and that’s a big part for us.

“We’ve got seven points on the board this time around and we could easily have three more, with the last minute goal against Hull and then today.”

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