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It was Liverpool who took the points with a 3-0 win to give Jürgen Klopp a fourth successive Turf Moor victory and send his team back into the Champions League places.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to be honest,” he said on reaching the top four again. “It’s not that I take this for granted, I knew this season is for us an incredibly tough, tough season. I heard now that on Valentine’s Day, February 14, was the last time we were in the top four because we didn’t win a lot of games since then.

“But now, in the last eight, ten, I don’t know exactly how many games, we are back on track and if we win on Sunday then probably, it depends on the result of Leicester or Chelsea, then we are probably qualified for the Champions League.

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“It’s insane that we came that close, but we are not through. When you win the semi-final you go to the final. That’s where we are and we will give our absolute everything to win that as well.”

Looking at the game and his team’s performance, he added: “Really good, really mature performance with not a world class start, let me say it like this. In the beginning we looked quite a little nervy, our passing was really not accurate enough, we gave too many easy balls away and made it too easy for Burnley.

“But after around fifteen minutes we found our feet back, and then we played really good football, that’s true. It was very helpful tonight to play that kind of football, scored those kinds of goals. Without that kind of performance you have no chance here. Burnley is really too strong because the way they play, the way then went for our centre-halves obviously tonight, that’s so tricky to defend and t he boys did really well and we needed each single good performance on the pitch tonight.”

Sean Dyche saw some real positives in the Burnley performance but was frustrated at the chances we missed. “We had big moments and if you don’t take them against sides like this you’ll come undone,” he admitted.

“Liverpool are back purring. They are not having an indifferent period, like they were when we beat them at their place. We knocked them about a bit at their place with a big result and that led to other teams going to Anfield and getting results. Now they are back purring and finding clinical moments. They had three shots on target and scored all three. That shows you a sign of being clinical.

“I’m fed up of saying it, but that’s been the story of our season, particularly early on when we were finding chances and not taking them, and it’s been my biggest frustration, probably over the last ten games because we have been playing pretty well.

“Performance levels have been good but you have to find key moments of your own and we got in situations tonight where we should have put doubt into them. I’m not saying we would have won, but we could have got our noses in front and that’s my biggest bugbear, being effective in the final third when it really counts.

“It’s really difficult for the players because they have put so much in this season, but the detail is what I’ve spoken to the players about. The biggest thing for them, and us as staff, to think on over the summer is in the final third, because we get in some brilliant positions and we did again tonight against a top side.”

It’s something Dyche and his staff will have to solve and he said: “Arsène Wenger used to tell me he dealt with the back, the middle and the sides and the chairman dealt with the box. Now, if Arsène is saying that, then I’m going to go with him on that one because often investment is needed to solve that problem.

“In the meantime we will continue to work with these players and find a way. We keep doing that remember. Thirty-nine points is no mean feat when you consider where we were after seven games, so I certainly won’t lose sight of that or the belief in my players. There is no lack of effort or energy. The details are the key thing.”

Dyche ended by speaking about the return of some supporters tonight. He said: “It’s massive for the fans and the town, just to get that feel back of being in the stadium. They tried to bring an energy, make a noise and get behind the side and they’ll just be pleased to be back in here.

“We want them in here and we’re happy they’re back because we feel they can play a part. There have been quite a lot of question marks over our home form recently, but at the end of the day the fans have always been a big part in that and I mean that sincerely, so we are looking forward to getting them back in the stadium.”

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