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blake v man uBack in early 2017, having scored 100 Premier League goals, we held a vote to decide, from a selection of the best, which of those 100 goal was the best and the winner was our first ever Premier League goal scored by Robbie Blake.

When Chris Wood scored our second equaliser at Villa Park recently it took our total to 200 and we conducted another vote to select the best from the second one hundred, this time Jeff Hendrick came out on top with that wonderful 24 pass goal at Everton.

So last week, we took the top six from each of those votes and went again to allow you to choose the best of that first 200 and it remains that the first goal was the best goal, the Blake goal against Manchester United scored just over ten years ago.

Those two previous winners were the only contenders in this vote with Blake’s winning it with a 40% share, followed by Hendrick’s at Everton which secured 24% of the vote. Beyond that, no other goal won more than 10% of the vote although Hendrick’s at home against Bournemouth and Steve Defour’s free kick at Manchester United both won 9% of the vote.

We’ve reached 202 goals now so the next vote might be a while in coming – but just looking at the top twelve below shows how good some of our goals have been.

The Result

40% – Robbie Blake v Manchester United (h) – 2009/10
24% – Jeff Hendrick v Everton (a) – 2017/18
9% – Jeff Hendrick v Bournemouth (h) – 2016/17
9% – Steven Defour v Manchester United (a) – 2017/18
5% – Steven Defour v Hull (h) – 2016/17
4% – Stephen Ward v Chelsea (a) – 2017/18
3% – Ashley Barnes v Crystal Palace (h) – 2016/17
2% – Ashley Barnes v West Brom (a) – 2017/18
& Jeff Hendrick v Brighton (a) – 2019/20
1% – Ashley Barnes v Tottenham (a) – 2014/15
1% – Ashley Barnes v West Ham (a) – 2017/18
0% – Robbie Brady v Chelsea (h) – 2016/17

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