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David Moyes brings his West Ham team to Turf Moor tonight. Three times previously he’s managed a West Ham team against us but all have been at the London Stadium which have brought us two wins and a victory for West Ham in January of this year.

As has been the case with us, they have suffered with injuries this season but, unlike us, had a couple of players sent off recently although both have been rescinded on appeal. Moyes said: “We’ve been pretty consistent with our team selection throughout the season because of the injury situation but part of a manager’s job is finding a way to win when you’re without some of your players.”

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A win tonight would take his team up one place in the table but significantly within three points of Chelsea in fourth place as the continue to look for a potential place in next season’s Champions League.

Looking at tonight’s game, he said: “I don’t think it’s a decisive moment, there are games coming afterwards. We’ve only jumped into the top four on three occasions this season, so we’ve been chasing it most of the time and we’re doing everything we can to hang in there. We want to take it to the last game of the season, we want to get the big one, but if we don’t we’ll settle for the one that comes next.”

He added: “We need to go to Burnley and play well. It’s been a difficult hunting ground for us in recent seasons, so we are going to try and put on a good show and get a result. We beat them earlier in the season but the game was very tight. We need to go up there and do it again.”

With safety edging ever closer, Sean Dyche has spoke about his players and what they’ve had to go through this season. He said: “When we qualified for Europe a lot of things fell into place. We had a fit year in terms of consistency, we got points on the board early and that gave us a real platform, and it was similar last season when we finished in tenth.

“For different reasons we have had a strong season this season. We have to have strong seasons to stay in the Premier League and it’s always about a season’s work here. We have done very well from game seven, with the points return, especially with the run of injuries we have had.

“What we have done is earned a right to get away from a position early season, when we were right down there, and we have to continued to earn our rewards and get important points and victories on the board.”

He added: “The season is never over until it literally is over, I have always believed that. Equally, we have to keep our eye on the next one because the last one doesn’t owe you the next one, and I tell the players that all the time.

“A very strong performance doesn’t owe us the next one, so we will make sure the players are still at it, mentally focused and we will make sure we take on the next game.”

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