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David Moyes brings his West Ham team to Burnley tomorrow for what will be his first visit to Turf Moor since December two years ago when the sides drew 0-0.

He’d been here previously as manager of Preston and Sunderland before first taking charge of West Ham here in the 2020/21 season. For all those clubs, he’s left Turf Moor with three wins, one draw and three defeats with the last of those defeats with Sunderland at the end of 2016.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s game, he told the media: “We’ve scored quite a few goals this season. We’re trying to play slightly more open and perhaps in turn that has caused us to concede more goals which I’m really disappointed about. But that is the balance you have to find. You want to bring in more attacking players but without conceding more. It’s something we need to focus on and do a better job defensively.”

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He said of us: “I think Burnley has always been a challenging opponent. I’ve managed a lot against them throughout the years and it has always been a tough place to go. They have a different style now and I think Vincent Kompany has done well to get them up in the Premier League and playing the way they are. It’s another incredibly tough game for us.

“I’m sure Vincent has got some incredible people who he has worked with, who are giving him really good advice. But I admired him as a player. I watched him when he played for Belgium and when he was a young player in Germany before coming to the Premier League. He’s had a great career and a great start to his managerial career as well.”

Moyes spoke about the difficulties at the bottom end of the table. He said: “It’s been a hard start for Burnley but teams like Fulham and Nottingham Forest came up and I think last season was one of the hardest years in the Premier League I’ve ever known in terms of the competition. You only have to look at the quality of the teams that got relegated, the likes of Leicester City and Leeds United, to see how good the Premier League is.

“I think the teams coming out of the Championship in the main have done a really good job. Obviously there will be years when it doesn’t quite follow that. But I remember the year when I was at Preston North End when Bolton Wanderers, Fulham and Blackburn Rovers got promoted and were in the Premier League for a long time.

“This season is looking tougher for the promoted teams though. It is incredibly tough, battling against relegation. It’s a difficult job to do. There’s a lot of stress and worry with it because you’re desperate to get away from the bottom end of the table. It’s not something I’ve ever enjoyed and not something I’d ever want to experience again as a manager if I can help it.”

Vincent Kompany, like everyone associated with Burnley Football Club, is desperate for that first home win of the season. “For the fans and for the surrounding of the club and the town, I can absolutely imagine a win would be massive and would mean so much,” he said.

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“But I also can’t be here and preach when we lose that we stay calm and we don’t get too emotional but then when we win it’s a carnival. I’ve got the same approach. If we win this weekend, it will be like any game, there will be things you’ve done well and things you need to improve on. If you lose it’s the same approach.

“I’d hope being desperate to win is something you always have. I don’t feel you can ever go into a game not being fully committed to winning games. I’d like to think that does really live in this club, but the league has been tough for us. It’s not easy whether we’ve played well or whether we’ve played against teams that are stronger than us. It’s always been a case of adapting to this level still, but I’ve seen signs where I’d like to think the team is really looking forward to the games that we have ahead.

“The main thing is to have that belief. If you go through your career or life as a professional athlete and you depend on confidence, you’re fooling yourself and you’ll never achieve anything. You have to build your own confidence through the right habits and the right behaviour at work and that will remain at the forefront whatever the result.”

Kompany added: “We know West Ham are such a strong opponent, you just have to look at the players they’ve got and the investments they’ve had in certain positions. I really like the squad thy have to be honest. There’s pure individual quality that you have to respect in this league, but that’s the goal for us, to show the ability to be amongst this.

“Obviously they’ve got Antonio, who is not available and a few other niggles, but if you look at the midfield with Álvarez, Paquetá on the ball and his quality to pick passes and be a threat, Kudus is a player I’ve known for a long time, it is just an exciting squad purely from a neutral perspective.

“From a coaching perspective it’s like every game, you do see opportunities for your team to make a game out of it and get a result and that’s what it’s about.”

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