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It was Arsenal who won the game against Burnley yesterday, beating us with a late and controversial penalty as Arsène Wenger once again got the better of the Clarets.

Wenger had a fun day, falling out with fourth official Anthony Taylor and admitting he should have been better behaved, but he eventually saw his side move into second place with the three points.

He said afterwards: “I feel it was an intense game where we played against a team who made the game very uncomfortable for us, but we had to be patient and not to make defensive mistakes with their direct game, which we did quite well.

“But once we were 1-0 up we made it even more complicated by going down to ten men and then of course it was a bit on the edge. But they didn’t create chances, not many, but they looked dangerous always on set-pieces, on long balls and I felt it was a bit frustrating after we conceded a penalty.

“Coquelin says he didn’t touch him, but I haven’t see it, but in the end we still got an unlikely win because when you are ten against eleven with two minutes to go, it’s difficult to win the game. But we are a team who keeps going no matter what happens and that’s a good quality.”

He later said about our penalty: “I saw it but it didn’t look a penalty to me, but maybe it was one, I don’t know. Our penalty, I saw on television. I think it was a penalty and a red card.

“Xhaka’s red card? Honestly I have to look at it  again. The noises I get is that it was a red card and he has to control his game and not punish the team with lack of control in his tackling. We don’t encourage our midfielders to go down on tackles, we want them to stand up and not to make these kind of fouls. If it’s a bad tackle, it’s a red card.”

He then admitted: “I didn’t know if I was sent to the stands but I was sent out. I thought I could watch it from the corridor, you know. I went inside and watched it on television. I regret everything. I should have shut up, gone in and gone home, basically. I apologise for that.”

The talking point for Burnley and Sean Dyche was that late penalty. “The fact is it’s harsh on my players because they’ve given everything to try and take something today,” he said. “To have that taken away by a referee’s or linesman’s decision, for the second time this season against this side, don’t forget, is very disappointing.

“At home we had a farce of a last minute and today, my defenders are actually doing what they are meant to do, which is clearing the box to allow the keeper to work and hopefully catch a player offside. Their man is offside; forget about the incident that followed. It’s clear, so it has to be given. It’s tough to come to places like this and get decisions but, at this level, I expect that one to be given.”

Dyche added: “Arsenal are a fine side, but we want to be brave in our performances and we are improving. The mentality is solid now and there’s no fear. I think people saw that today. We are still learning, so I was very pleased in that respect.

“We’ve lost a player today and we’re waiting to find out how serious that one is, so beyond the result it’s a balanced view about respect to the players about what they’ve given today and disappointment because a decision has let you down in the end.

“I don’t want to be crying it in because we’ve had two points taken off us in two games against this opposition. Overall, we just want parity with everyone else, but it’s just a strange one that it was given today and I think at this level, the officials have to get it right. I don’t think that was a tough one. I’ve seen it back and he’s quite clearly offside, so that has to be given straight away.”

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