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Liverpool took all three points with a 3-1 win at Turf Moor and after the game the two managers had their say on the ninety minutes.

Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp said afterwards: “The first half was just the start, we made our life difficult by ourselves. You saw it, Joel (Matip) had two or three passes and after a long time not playing, we all know and hopefully you all remember what a player he is, but he didn’t play for a while. They you have the first three passed and they are really awful, that doesn’t help.

“It was a similar situation, not exactly like it, but Alberto (Moreno) needed a bit of time, Div (Origi) needed time, Daniel (Sturridge) needed time and all that stuff. Shaq was not really involved. Then we had to change early and stuff like that, it all doesn’t help.

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“Burnley had a specific plan, to be really aggressive in their challenges and stuff like that, so each ball they won, even if it was a throw in for us, helped them and obviously didn’t help us mood wise. So I was really happy we could just adjust a few tactical things, but I told the players I shouted a lot in the first half but I wasn’t angry, I knew it could be a bit rusty, that’s how it is with a lot of changes, but now we are warm, used to it and we adjust a little bit.

“We conceded the goal. I didn’t see it back but everybody asked me about offside and other things, so I don’t know if it was or not. Then, reacting like we reacted at a tough place like Turf Moor and Burnley, that’s special. It’s really good.”

He added: “We controlled the game in a lot of moments, but in all the moments where we gave Burnley the chance to have a proper tackle and stuff like that, then it didn’t look that cool. The second half was a perfect reaction and I am really, really happy about the three points.”

Sean Dyche made five changes to the team beaten at Crystal Palace and, despite the result, said: “The mentality and the framework and the energy and belief in what we are doing flooded back into the group tonight.

“I made five changes and I felt that was necessary. People sometimes question that, but before we worry too much about tactical shapes, we had to get the right bodies on the pitch tonight. There were players who deserved a chance and I’m pretty loyal to the players here, but there comes a time when I have to shake the pack. I thought that worked tonight, but of course it can’t just be about tonight. Those players have delivered and now it’s about taking it forward into the next game.

“Within that came the response from the crowd, which was fantastic. I can’t think them enough because this is a tough time and we are finding our feet again, but there has to be a heartbeat in the club and that often comes from the fans. It’s tough for them, especially after last season. We’ve taken this club a long way; they know that, but there’s an inner respect here from the fans and they know we need them going forwards.

“Equally, the players know they’ve got to deliver to get that fan reaction, but it’s not the first time the fans here have had a tough time of it. It’s not the first time they’ve been underdogs and written off, as a town and as a club. The only things I ever promised when I came here was sweat on the shirt and one club mentality. Well there’s certainly a one club mentality and tonight there was plenty of sweat on the shirt.”

An enthused Dyche added: “We can build on that because there’s a togetherness and that has to remain, because it’s very important for a club like this. We asked questions first half and kept them to very little. In the second half they were brighter and trying to iron out the small details in a performance like that is very important.

“The second one is a poor goal and we should deal with that at source and for the third one the ball looks out, but we are too busy reacting to that and they get on with it, which is disappointing. So, it’s a strange one to talk about three goals, because I didn’t think we deserved to have three put past us and the performance was miles better than the scoreline.

“We were knocking those performances out week after week last season and getting our rewards. We’ve come away from that this season, for many reasons. Now it’s about reminding ourselves that that’s what we do and as a performance marker it was important. Of course, we wanted a result, but there was no lack of fight and belief and that’s important because we can’t keep going up and down.”

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