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Burnley travel to Fulham tonight to take on Scott Parker’s Fulham who are fighting for their Premier League lives with four games remaining.

Parker knows that they have to win tonight and then pick up a lot more points from the three following games to have a chance of staying up and he admitted: “The pressure is on. That pressure comes because of where we sit.

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“The pressure will come on because we’re playing a team that is nine points off us. Can we take that to six points with three games to play, if results go our way, that is the pressure that comes with being in our position.”

He added: “They (the Fulham players) are going to need to be brave. We have needed them. Not just brave players but players in those moments who can be real clinical. I’m not just talking about a finish or an attacking phase, I’m also talking defensively as well.

“Players that can execute under those moments, players that can just live off that one moment and that moment is executed and it happens. That is this league and when you are Fulham and a Fulham player, that is the way this league is going to be.

“As ever, the next game rolls around, the experienced one has faced before can only be helpful and you hope that maybe that is what we are definitely going to need. Bravery and a cool head with a laser focus that can execute.”

Although in 17th place, the Clarets do have this cushion going into the game and Sean Dyche said: “We’ve got four games to go. We have to stay focused on the next one, while also allowing ourselves the reality that there are four games to go. That’s something we have to factor into our thinking, although the next one’s the most important.

“We’ve had lesser runs of form and created a lot more points on the table. Our actual form has been good. I didn’t think it was a bad performance, remotely, against West Ham. I thought they were very good. Our performance level was still high. Our physical level was brilliant that night so I think the players are in good shape to take on the next four games.”

Dyche added: “The players deserve massive credit for getting the season back on line and then delivering a very consistent level of performance to get the points we’ve got. I’ve seen lately that performances don’t guarantee you win a game, but they give you a much better chance and a much better chance over a consistent period.

“I think that’s what we’ve looked for and the players have delivered that this season to get where we are and now it’s about going strong for the last four games.”

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