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1920 burnley sean dyche press conference 1000x500Ralph Hasenhüttl makes his second visit to Turf Moor tomorrow when he brings his Southampton team for the opening game of the season as he starts his first full season in charge having replaced Mark Hughes during last season.

Ahead of the trip to Burnley, he said: “I feel good that it’s starting, good that the pre-season is over , good that we are in good shape and have used this time in a good way. It’s time that it’s starting now, it’s time that the first game is coming, and we’re happy. It’s a mixture of being excited and being not so sure of how good you are. You never know.”

Speaking about the pre-season, he added: “As always, it’s the only time you can really work and concentrate with the team on any topic you want. We try to improve in different shapes, we try to get the solutions for different shapes, and we know what to do now in every part of our game I think, and this is the most important thing to the players and for me.

“I think when you watch us playing football it’s always very active. I think we try to be active. We try to act first, not react when the opponent does something. So, even if we defend, we try to be active and wait for the right moment to attack and this is something typical for us and our game. The players get used to it, and this is I think a very attractive way to play football, because it’s high intensity and it’s something the supporters want to see.

“I know everybody wants to hear that we will be top ten at the end of the season, but I don’t think like this. I try to make smaller targets, everyday targets to make things better, and if you do that then, at the end, you get what you deserve to get. I hope it will be more than last season, and if we take points consistently I’m sure it will be.”

While he’s gone through his first pre-season at Southampton, Sean Dyche has just completed his seventh as Burnley manager and he’s looking forward to having a home game to start the season for the first time in three years. “It’s great to be at home,” Dyche said. “I think the fans will be looking forward to it.

“I think they saw the strength of the squad in the second half of last season. I think we’ve made good signings and I think they will recognise that the squad has got a rounded feel to it. I think there’s been a nice edge to the players, as if they’ve come back with that mentality to be ready after a tough season last season. Maybe, hopefully, that’s the reward of coming through that. That edge comes back when you know you’ve got to be on top of your performance all the time.

“There are a lot of good signs. Those signs have to become realities.”

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