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It was Pep Guardiola’s night at Turf Moor with his Manchester City team winning the game 3-0 although he admitted after the game that his team were some way from playing as well as they can.

“We are still away from our best form but we have to try to not drop points in this period with this amount of games,” Guardiola said. “How you solve this lack of preparation is a question of mentality.

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“We were fortunate to break the game early with the goals from Erling (Haaland), but after we created problems for ourselves, against man to man that was not correct. There was a moment after 30-35 minutes when Julian (Álvarez), Bernardo (Silva), Mateo (Kovacic), Phil (Foden) dropped and we attacked with full backs on the outside and made a lot of passes. In the second half we were perfect trying to isolate Erling one on one.

“The first away game against a newly promoted team with the passion and love they have to be back in the Premier League, always it’s so tricky. We behaved exemplary. We gave the ball away in different positions but they showed the heart and passion.”

Vincent Kompany said the Burnley team cannot be too down despite the defeat. He said: “There were some good things in this performance and I have to focus on that side of it against the best team in the world at the moment.

“As I told the players after the first game in the Championship last season, I don’t want an emotional rollercoaster where you win one game and you’re on a high and if you lose one game you think it’s dramatic. We have to progress again and work harder than every other team in the Premier League. That’s our job. Progress, progress, progress.

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“It’s almost like an ideology thing, this team has to be the worst it’s ever been this season at this moment in time because you progress all the way through the season as the games go on.

“The positives? You tell the team to get something out of the game, you want to get a result. That’s a given. But there are other things in this game that create a foundation for the season; winning tackles, going at defenders one-v-one, creating chances, moving the ball, pressing.

“I can tell you periods of the game where I wanted more but I can also give you a lot of periods in the game where I thought they’ve done themselves proud.”

He added: “The first game, especially against them, you’re always hoping the game you envisaged actually comes off. I thought Luca (Koleosho) was extremely positive in the first half then he ran out of steam a little bit, as you might expect. I felt Zeki (Amdouni) had moments in between the lines where he could really do something, also powered through at times and created something out of nothing, which you need against these type of teams.

“Sander (Berge) looked like he’d been here for a long time already and I’m going to forget some others as well.

“Me saying the team is only going to get stronger, I think it’s fair and that’s what we have to look for.”

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