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Burnley travel to Accrington tonight and the game gives home manager John Coleman his first opportunity to come face to face with Burnley in a competitive fixture.

Coleman admitted, as a Liverpool fan, that he’s kept a close eye on us for years. “I have a bit of an affinity for Burnley because they’re one of the first teams I saw at Anfield when I was a kid,” he said. “I remember them drawing 3-3. They had some good players then in the old first division.

“They’ve been in the bottom flight, they’ve worked their way back to the top and they should be an inspiration to every team at our level.

“They’ve helped us out hugely in the past, coming down to play games against us and plenty of other things too. I hope they can continue to help us out too. It’ll be enjoyable to play them in a competitive game.”

He comes up against us in the Premier League and said of that: “It’s a remarkable achievement. I like Sean, he’s very grounded. He’s enjoyed the Premier League experience but he hasn’t forgotten where he’s come from and he knows it’s a different level up there. It’d be great to see them stay in the Premier League this time.”

He doesn’t want his players to read about being underdogs at all. He admitted: “If I have to raise the players for this game then I shouldn’t be here and they shouldn’t be here to be honest. “It’s a massive game for us, a local derby. One thing that might go against us is how well we did against them last year in pre-season. I don’t think they’ll be taking anything for granted against us.

“I’m going into the game expecting to be favourites to be honest. I believe we can beat anybody and so I’m not classing us as an underdog by any means, even though there’s a gulf in league positions.

“I believe we can play good football and sometimes when you play against a Premier League team it can be better for you because it’s not as hurly burly as League Two. I’m expecting big things from us. I could be shocked and I could be disappointed but it won’t be through the want of trying.”

One thing for certain is that Sean Dyche will make changes for the game, certainly with a big game coming up on Saturday at Chelsea. “He said: “It does come into the thinking because the players spent a lot of energy and with the emotion of it (Liverpool game).

They are big games and the players know that; it’s not just fans. So it adds more to it when you’re playing those teams and beating them. So maybe there will be changes because we have got to make sure the players are alright because we’ve got another big one on Saturday.”

Aiden O’Neill got his first taste of first team football, coming on as a late substitute and he could feature tonight. “I haven’t made a decision yet but he’s certainly coming into the thinking and he’s earned the right,” he said. In pre-season he’s played very well and he’s maturing as a player. He was with the first team group quite a lot last season and he’s been with us a lot in pre-season.

“Aiden is a very good player, he’s still young and still learning but he delivered a very good performance which some of our fans will remember against Bolton, and we look for him to continue his development. A good part of that is to play in the first team squad.”

He’s come up against Coleman in a number of friendlies and asked about him, said: “John’s done a great job there over many years and I always look forward to seeing him when I can.

“I’m sure they’ll be competitive because it’s an important game for both clubs for different reasons. I think it makes for a great game for all concerned, and, of course, it goes without saying we are going there to win. That’s our objective every time we play.

“There is that winning mentality here and we want to continue that, of course. I think our players are in good shape, physically and mentally and I’ll think they’ll look forward to the challenge.”

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