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A day that went Burnley’s way left one manager somewhat disappointed and one enjoying it all as the Clarets won 5-1 at Wigan.

Although accepting his team deserved to lose, Wigan boss Leam Richardson said: “The scoreline is tough. Within the reflection of the game, I don’t think we started the game particularly well. We probably weren’t ourselves for long enough in the game.

“I thought we finished the first half really strong, and in the main, probably shaded the first half in terms of chances created. Coming out after half time, I thought we started really well and missed a really big chance. They went up the other end and score an offside goal which hurt us a little bit.

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“Collectively, we will take our defeat together. I will take the responsibility for the last couple of goals because with where we’ve been and the momentum we’ve got, we thought we would chase it and make it uncomfortable.”

He added: “There were two divisions between us not so long ago, but it’s something that we will reflect on and something we won’t get too high on or too low. Within 72 hours, we’ve got another big challenge, and it’s important we meet that head on.

“Whether the scoreline reflects the game, we’ve taken a loss today. We will take it on the chin, be respectful and congratulate Burnley. It’s up to us to be better in adversity. You learn a lot about yourself as we certainly know but moving forward, we will continue to make small steps and continue to be the best versions of ourselves. We will certainly learn from today.”

It was a second Burnley win for manager Vincent Kompany in the Championship and he was delighted with the performance. “There was a team out there who fought for every ball,” he said, adding: “There were ten difficult minutes and we battled through it and in the second half we did everything we needed to be doing in the future against teams who are chasing a goal.

“In the first half it looked like Wigan were going to get back into the game, but in the second half we did exactly what we needed to do. I know what I’m asking them to do and I can see they need a little bit of time to get used to it, but it was a really good lesson today and it was even better to do it for the fans.”

Five goals and an attacking threat of which Kompany said: “I am really happy that we recognise the space. There wasn’t any goal that was like a lucky one, every goal we created the conditions to get there. In the final third I am like any manager in the world, if we have the players who can score goals, then it’s going well.”

Two of those goals were scored by Josh Brownhill which has taken his total this season to four. Kompany said of him: “He seems to be growing into his role. A player of his level is to be consistent at this level and I think he can do that this season. That is the challenge for him. I don’t think he has had this many opportunities in front of goal as he has already this season. It’s what I expect of him, he has all the attributes and he is still learning week in week out.”

The manager ended with a word for the big away following. He said: “It was great today. Away days don’t get better than that for them, especially when you turn around and the game is over and you can go and celebrate with them all. A wall of 5,000 Burnley fans, all the colours, it was just special.”

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